Jack of Hearts…Chapter 1

Chapter One

“Looks like we’re the only two here,” she said, staring at the guy sitting with his eyes closed, his head back, bloody tissues sticking out of his nose and his once white t-shirt glued to his chest with drying blood.  “Broken nose?”

“Ug,” he grunted. 

“Hurt much?”


“Want some gum?” 

“Ug,” he said, pulling the tissues out of his nose, holding out his hand.

He had beautiful gray eyes, even if one of them was currently red and rapidly swelling.  His straw colored hair was thick and disheveled and he had a lean muscular build shoved into well worn jeans.

“I’m out of bubble gum but you can snap this, so there is that,” I said walking toward him.


“What happened to you?”

“Why are you talking to me?” he asked.  “I’m covered in blood and look like something out of a horror film.  I mean, didn’t anyone ever tell you not to talk to bleeding strangers in empty bus stations?”

“No.  Why would anyone tell me that?”

“Because this is what most people would call a dangerous situation.”

“I won’t hurt you,” she said, reassuringly. 

“Not exactly what I meant,” he sighed, unwrapping the gum.

“Who hit you?”

“What kind of gum is this?  I like it,” he said, looking at the wrapper.

“Do you want to get the sex out of the way first?  Then we can get to work?”


“Does that mean yes, or no? If you’re not into women, I’m good with that.”

“Can I shower first?”

“Sure, why not,” she said, grabbing his bloody hand.


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2 Responses to Jack of Hearts…Chapter 1

  1. maggie0019 says:

    oooh this is gonna be good!!! Woof!

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