Do you believe…

 …that women and children
should constantly have to be
protected from male violence

…that government has the right
to decide that women shouldn’t
earn as much as men

…that men should make laws
that involve women
without their input
and okay

…that a president should
have power over the masses
without checks and balances

….that women should rebel
and live outside the
rules set down for them
by a hateful male dominated

…that war solves anything

…that war gets rid of young men
so that older men don’t have as much

…that our government is
poisoning us

…that freedom is
just a word in the dictionary

…that laws protect men
who rape, beat and kill women

…that we are killing the planet

…men will ever change

…that violence and hatred
will ever disappear

…that governments will
stop telling lies

….that men who rape
women and children
should be killed

…that you can ever
give a child who has been raped
a new childhood

…that life has to be this way

…that climate change is real

…that the fall of America
has already taken place

…that hate and greed are what
America stands for

…that pancakes
for breakfast starts the
day off in the most delicious way

…that every male child born
learns to hate females

…that things are getting worse

…that pansies harken the
beginning of spring

…that cats are the best
things ever

…that independent bookstores
are the only thing stopping us
from not just having the books
governments will allow us to see
and read

….that art is truth

…that we are swiftly going backward

…that free speech
is gone

…that spying on citizens
is a government’s right

…that guilty until proven innocent
is the new law

…that your color and gender
can get you killed

…that we love our children
while allowing the world to be what it is

…that life is a joke
with a punch line that sucks

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3 Responses to Do you believe…

  1. Much to think about here. . .

  2. …women have to protect men from feeling threatened by acting stupid and submissive

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