Street art…

Faunagrapic-Sheiffield UK

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6 Responses to Street art…

  1. Resa says:

    Soo adorable! I love street art!

    • I agree…it’s adorable and the bird is so sweet. You’re street art is always wonderful and I look forward to seeing it everyday.

      • Resa says:

        I’m doing a thank you post. It’s just a general thank you for all who contributed, looked, liked or commented during Kids’ Month. I was going to link to all the contributors, but I just went though a situation w/ a WP blogger who did an appreciation post with many, many, links. Most of us (me) ended up in her SPAM folder after that.
        So, I am doing a general TY, and as the next month or 2 go by, I will thank people in individual street art posts…. art that makes me think of a person in particular.
        I am so excited about the one I picked for you!

      • You are so very sweet Resa. I can’t wait to see it. What a lovely thing to do.

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