New season of Grace & Frankie started…Spoiler alert

I rarely watch TV, don’t turn it on for weeks at a time but I loved Grace and Frankie.  The new season started and I watched all the episodes last night.  The UPSCALE show, for those with lots of money, is funny and deals with the issues of women and aging.  The clothes are well, wonderful, jewelry too.  The show doesn’t shy away from any issue and that’s why I love it…well, I’n also a Lily and Jane fan, so there is that.  The role, for each character is perfectly cast.  The thing is, this season, toward the end of the show, there’s a depressing health and while this could happen to anyone it’s depressing and not what I want to watch for entertainment, that’s for sure.  It spoiled the show for me and while I may watch the funny episodes, when I want a good laugh, I’ll skip the final few.  Sometimes too much reality is just too much.

I have to add this…some of the paintings in Frankie’s Art Show wouldn’t have fit through the door in her “studio,” so she had to have painted them somewhere else. And the scenes where Frankie is afraid drove me a little crazy because Grace would have simply slept somewhere else.  It was way out of character to do what she did by allowing Franking to sleep in her bed.  Not in a million years.  Plus the gun issue is ridiculous and made me like Frankie a lot less.  Still, it’s one of the only shows for older people and it’s usually fun and interesting.

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