This woman is a great speaker…funny and open…A TED Talk

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6 Responses to This woman is a great speaker…funny and open…A TED Talk

  1. Heartafire says:

    I love this Gigi. What a gal!! I was very moved by her experience with her classmates… The questions…maybe her first realization that she is different. That can have such an impact on our children. That is one reason I feel there can be no tolerance for bullying
    And teachers must be vigilant. Than k you for this great link.

    • I agree. She’s a wonderful speaker and proves that disabilities do not have to hold one back from anything. Her humor puts everyone at ease. I think you’re right about realizing she was different when she went to school. I agree that bullying should be stopped and I don’t think schools do enough to protect children from bullies. On line bullying is a terrible thing and children have actually committed suicide because of it and NOTHING happens to the kids who drive others to misery or death. It’s a terrible thing.

      • Heartafire says:

        So true Gigi. I know kids who have experienced cyber bullying from their schoolmates. It needs to be addressed especially by parents whose child might engage in this activity. It seems any progress made technically will be used in a negative manner. :/

  2. It’s such a terrible thing. I read about a teen girl was raped by two boys and they got the whole school to torment HER. They actually moved, changed schools but the horror wouldn’t stop and she finally killed herself. There are so many stories like this. So many kids suffering. Phones have become weapons that can actually cripple and kill.

  3. Sumyanna says:

    I’ve watched this before but it was worth seeing again. Excellent share.

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