Okay, so…

Do you ever think about the fact that we can’t let our children go out to play alone, or even with one other child?  Life has become so dangerous and vile that children must always be in the company of an adult and even then, one can never be sure of their safety.  We are a species that hunts and destroys it’s own young.  Children can never be left unattended.

What happened to us?  When did we get SO much worse?  It seems to have happened when the electronic age descended upon us.  Violent video games, violent media, in all it’s forms, taught boys/males that violence was a game.  It desensitized them to the suffering and pain they caused others.  I did a lot of research on this a long time ago, I used to lecture on the subject.  One question I always asked men who said I was crazy, was:  “If a boy was coming to pick up your daughter for a date would you rather have had him read, or watch, a family magazine/program, or read/watch pornography before he picked her up?”  You know their answer, right?  Well, when they answered and didn’t just walk away.

Women and children are hunted by the male of the species.  Brutalized, raped, beaten and killed for lust, sport, fun, or boredom.  It wasn’t always this bad.  People had more stopping points, more control.  Now we have a man in washington promoting violence against women as a fun activity.  See, the thing is…not all males are violent and disrespectful to women and children.  Some men are loving and kind, generous and caring but I have yet to see men stop other men from doing anything.  I haven’t seen men’s groups pop up all over the country, trying to stop other men from being violent to women or children.  What are men doing to stop men from attacking the women and children they love?  They can’t protect their loved ones all the time, so why aren’t men trying to keep the women and children they love, safe from predators?

The violence is getting worse.  There is no peace time between wars, in fact, there are multiple wars going on at the same time and they bring in lots of money for the rich, so they will continue.  After all, patriotism convinces people to defend their country, it doesn’t teach them to defend against the lies they are told that get them to go to a place that has oil, or goods, to kill people for profit.

But, here’s the thing:  we don’t DO anything to stop what’s happening.  We simply RESTRICT our lives and the lives of our children, so that we all have LESS freedom, while the rich guys, the creeps and the violent have more.  Rape on campus is EPIDEMIC but not one of the schools has been SHUT DOWN to sent an example.  Parents, of males and females, should pull their children out of schools where women are raped but NO ONE DOES ANYTHING and the schools LIE, AND HIDE THE TRUTH.  People do absolutely NOTHING en mass to bring about change of any kind.  Shut them down and you will see change.

If you can’t see how manipulated, brainwashed and conditioned people are to NOT TO FIGHT BACK, then you are so far into denial you may never get out.  We are literally sacrificing the lives and freedom of our children to the predators rather than DEMAND that things be different.  Nothing will get better until we work together and close schools that lie about rape and do nothing.   We have to make the changes we want to see because NO ONE ELSE WILL MAKE THEM.  We need to put schools, churches and businesses that promote, or hide, violence, out of business. We have to refuse to let our boys fight in illegal wars and we need to teach boys, who are okay, to stick up for girls and stand against violent boys.  If we don’t, then it’s business as usual and what happens is our own fault for staying silent and isolated, hiding our kids, stunting their lives, shrinking their experiences.  People still go to catholic churches with rapists in every single parish, along with the entire institution that knew what was going on and lied, protected the rapists and destroyed the lives of children. But people still go.  Still send their kids.  Colleges where girls are raped are still open. Why?  Fear?  Habit?  Insanity?  What?  People say they love their kids but what are parents willing to do to give them a real life instead of one where they are constantly watched and supervised by adults?

Actions really do speak louder than words.  We have been kept apart from each other to weaken the power of the group/masses.  It makes us powerless.  We need to get together. We need to work together and fight for the lives and freedom of our kids and ourselves.  But you know that people have been trained to shut up and sit down and I’m afraid that’s exactly what they are going to do…AGAIN.  Hey, I’m just sayin’.

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