Okay, so…

When you’re alone in the middle of the ocean all you can see is the water around you.  If you looked at the ocean from above you would you would get a completely different perspective. The higher you went the more your view would change.  It’s that way with everything, when we stand too close to whatever it is we’er looking at.   That’s what we’re doing right now.  We are in the political ocean and can only see what’s around us. We’re too close and no one will be able to see what’s taking place until it’s over and future generations, if there are any, will be far enough away to figure out what happened.  The sad part is that they won’t learn anything from this.  We didn’t learn anything from Germany.  As a matter of fact, we just invited Hitler and his men back with open arms.  We don’t learn from our mistakes, we just give them new faces.


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