Okay, so…

You control and manipulate people through fear.  That’s what anyone who has power over others can do.  Parents tell their children what will be taken away from them if they don’t do as they are told.  The kids are afraid their privileges will be taken away if they don’t obey. They are also controlled by thinking their parent can keep them safe if they only obey, even if their parents tell them that to stop them from doing what they don’t want them to do.   So you see, the manipulation begins immediately and the government just steps in, in the form of schools, religion and pretty much any institution, including the police and military.Any of those things can take things away from us if we BELIEVE they have any real power.  If you don’t believe in the church their threats that they can take heaven, or god, or anything else away from you is absolutely meaningless.  You have to believe for things to matter.

The government uses fear to control us.  They act as if they are protecting us as well when, in fact, they are the ones we need protection from.  They have control over some of the things that happens in our lives.  They make up lies to frighten people and instead of not believing them, people actually become fearful and give up their freedom to be protected from things that don’t actually exist.  It’s all about what you believe.  We give bad people power over us because of the things we believe, the things we think are true because someone who wants to manipulate us, tells us the things are true.

Our government breaks the law and ignores the Constitution.  Our government makes laws that impact OUR lives but the officials who make and pass the laws are unaffected by the laws because the laws they make, do not include THEM.  If we turn off television, don’t watch the news, listen to what they lie about, simply erase them and stop being afraid of the things they are making up, they won’t be living in our heads all the time.  Their power over us will wane, they can’t manipulate and hypnotize us individually…it’s a MASS manipulation.  We GIVE them power by paying attention to them.  Just like little kids.  We don’t seem to have any control over anything so why bother looking at it?  You aren’t being INFORMED you’re being LIED TO.  Fear is a waste of time and energy.  Think of all the things you could be afraid of if you KNEW about them.  Fear doesn’t STOP anything from happening it actually MAKES  things happen.  It’s brainwashing and control.   Why spend you’re life being afraid of things that may never happen, or aren’t even real?  Why give energy to MORONS?  They make laws whenever they feel like it.  They get more and we get less, worrying abut it won’t change anything, being afraid will just ruin your life and make you easier to control.

I think we should treat the spoiled brats like the bad kids they are and stop paying attention to them.  Just a thought.  They love attention, they feel like big shots, so the way to hurt them is to ignore them.  They don’t deserve our attention.  Paying attention to them only encourages them and gets us absolutely NOTHING.

If you want to do something start fighting the schools and stop them from treating kids like criminals and conditioning them to obey and hand over their back packs, phones and other things on demand without just cause.  They the teachers to stop ratting out the kids to their parents.  That’s where the change needs to start that’s how parents CAN protect their kids.

Yes, they can”t hurt/kill us but they can do that any time they like, so enjoy yourself and tune them out so they only have each other to play with.

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4 Responses to Okay, so…

  1. gserpent says:

    I love this! #1 thing to do is turn off the television. With computer and phones at least you can look up things that are knowledgeable. It is entirely up to the individual on how they use their computer. The only vote that counts in this country is where you spend you money and energy. Quit giving your money and energy to these self appointed idiots(politicians and media) and corporations that don’t have the good of all in mind, they will either be forced to change or go away. Great Post!

    • Absolutely true. The thing we need to do is stand up for those who are harmed and deported. Make sure our cities are sanctuary cities and care for the people who live in them.

  2. Resa says:

    Great advice! I was tormented for years by a certain person. When I ignored them, they imploded and I was just fine.

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