When you think about it…

When you think about it, civilizations commit suicide.  Look at the ruins we see everywhere.  Controlling and sacrificing living beings just makes it happen faster.  The rich and crazy bring things to an end.  It’s an ongoing process, one that never ends, one that people allow to happen by having governments in the first place.  It happens the same way every time.  It’s happening now.  We’re watching it.  We’re part of it.  We can’t stop it because the first rule of the rulers is to divide the people so they can’t work together to stop what’s happening.  The second thing is to have the military answer to the rulers instead of the people.  The third thing is to allow the government to make the rules/laws without the consent of the people…that is true insanity.

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6 Responses to When you think about it…

  1. You nailed it, Gigi. Right square on the Hydra’s many heads.

  2. Only one other thing in my life horrified me like this one. I watched Bernie talking to coal workers and it seems to me that a picture different than what they expected is unfolding.

  3. Oh, I thought I missed something. 🙂 I do that when I start something and then leave to do something else. Thank you for the explanation. Yes, it’s very scary because we are following a path that is well-worn and we don’t seem to be able to LEARN from the past.

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