Street art…

by:  Philth
London 3/17


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5 Responses to Street art…

  1. Resa says:

    An amazing piece!
    Gigi, I’ve been on 4 very recent Street Art adventures. I have not found 1 piece of trump political graffiti.. or street art here in Toronto. I think the artists here are ignoring him. They have better things to paint than his ugly face. It’s akin to what you said in a previous post. Don’t watch! Change the channel! Don’t let them mass brainwash!
    At least I’m hoping this is what our Canadian artists are saying. The summer will reveal their true hearts. (Too cold to paint right now, perhaps)
    ALTHOUGH… wow, you should see all the goodies I have captured! Dragons, bees, faces & fantasies… I am so addicted to street art!
    OH, and I found 2 fabulous CAT murals. I can hardly wait to post them! I am going to dedicate them to you and all cat lovers!

    • I’m so happy you don’t have to see his face. I’m going to stop posting him completely, it’s just that some of the artwork is pretty cool and tells the truth. Canadians are smarter than we are. I am SOOOO excited to see the cat art. Sounds wonderful. So does all the other work. Bees and dragons…wow! How exciting:) Looking forward to each and every one.

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