It’s all in the name…


My name’s Francis but most people, if they have a working brain cell, call me Frank, or Blue Eyes.  And yeah, I was named after  the Crooner in the Rat Pack, which is appropriate on several counts, I guess.  My human said I sing like an angel and with my blue eyes, well,  I suppose it was inevitable.

I’m a pretty cat, ya got a problem with that?  A lot of Tom Cats are pretty.  ALL cats are pretty, so if you want to start something, just let me know, cuz I’m never one to back down from a fight.  So, like I said, I was names after the Crooner and believe me, I know what the guy sounds like cuz she plays his music EVERY DAY, ALL DAY AND SOMETIMES INTO THE NIGHT.  I mean, the guy’s good but come on, he’s not the ONLY guy, ya know what I mean?

And there’s a nice looking Persian living next door.  I see her in the window.  She acts like she doesn’t see me but I know she does.  I think she’s an Indoor, which means she’s probably pampered. Her name’s Polly. I was living hard when a human picked me up and brought me home.  I stay in a lot, just to keep her company.  I feel like I owe her.  I tried bringing  her presents, but she always screamed, so I don’t do that anymore.  I was just trying to be NICE but did she appreciate it?  NO, she did not.  We had several funeral and everything, I mean, COME ON.  So, no more gifts.  I told her she can give anything she wants, to me, so she put a CATNIP mouse down in front of me.  As if…right?  Like that thing has ANYTHING to do with a real mouse.  I’m pretty cool, so I won’t roll on it until she looks away, because I don’t want her to think I’m easy.  The mouse is laying there, looking at me.  It’s plaid.  WhoEVER saw a plaid mouse?  I know cats aren’t good with colors but PLAID?  If my friends saw me I’d be a laughing stock.   I know she’s trying to be nice but the thing doesn’t even move, unless I toss it into the air.  I should probably throw it around and then lay on it, just to make her feel good.  I’ll probably be busy for a while, so nice talking to you.  Meow and, by the way, Chicago really IS my kind of town.

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4 Responses to It’s all in the name…

  1. That was so much fun to read. Thanks

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