It snowed…pretty…hope it melts fast:)

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15 Responses to It snowed…pretty…hope it melts fast:)

  1. Angie says:

    I”m tired of this weather!

    • I’m looking forward to spring but this has been a great winter, comparatively speaking. I do wish it would stay in the high sixties, however…but we know that’s NOT going to happy for some time. Going to be cold for a bit but hopefully the sun will melt more of it tomorrow. 🙂

      • Angie says:

        I know the winter was not bad but still want some spring also. The weather we’re having is the kind that causes pneumonia, and is getting scary around here. Tornados are spawned in weather like this!

      • Oh, I’m with you all the way on that. My allergist said that Walking pneumonia is out of control. He said they can’t keep up with this coughing and the pneumonia, it’s just a constant stream of patients. And we don’t need any more tornados, that’s for sure.

      • Angie says:

        Several of my friends have been hospitalized for pneumonia this year, and I’m just praying I won’t come down with it also. And tornados are never good news here. I’m not worried about the building I live in since it took a direct hit in 2000 and the only damage was the windows being imploded, but the cleanup afterward is a royal pain. It would be better if the weather would even out, though. Having below freezing one day and the 70’s the next isn’t helping anyone at all and I can’t take the allergy meds. They just make me woozy or sick feeling.

      • I can’t take medicine either. Can big problem sometimes, believe me. But worrying about things never changes anything so I just keep going and enjoy myself as much as I can. LOL That’s my answer to everything. 🙂

      • Angie says:

        I do that also, but it sometimes doesn’t take as far as the sleeping. I’m not even going to try anything new though. It took six years to find the MS meds I am now able to take, and I’m not going thru that again!

      • Don’t blame you at all.

      • I think you’re right.

  2. Harlon says:

    I’d like to add my name to the petition that says “I am tired of this winter”.
    Yes, it’s pretty, but really enough is enough.
    🙂 Harlon

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  4. it is sunny here, about 12 degrees, spring is coming.
    it’ll come to you too. yesterday i’ve seen already some
    snowy pictures from america in the news. i like your
    photo. enjoy your last winter impressions.

    • Thank you so much. Snow is beautiful, for about ten minutes. Flowers were starting to come up because we had such beautiful weather for a couple of weeks. Buds on the trees, birds singing and now they are frozen, so hope they are okay under the snow.

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