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I looked this up on Scopes and they say iFfy because of the word CHOICE.   The thing about HR 1313 is…they say it’s NOT MANDATORY BUT there are benefits to VOLUNTEERING to get genetically tested.  I’s not voluntary when the FINES you have TO pay NOT to take the tests come directly out of your paycheck.  The fines can, and are in the thousands of dollars all because people do not want to have genetic testing done.  The BENEFITS are not health benefit they are MONEY benefits, so people submit to these tests (that are illegal), because they CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO.

It’s about control AND MONEY.  It’s costs a fortune to NOT take the tests, which is blackmail, as far as I’m concerned.  People don’t actually HAVE  a choice it they want to survive.  I don’t think the hateful, EVIL men in washington and their families take the tests or pay when they don’t.  This is the absolute worst and most hateful government, since Hitler.  Oh, wait, this IS Hitler, all over again.

The government and insurance companies are making SO much money AGAIN, at the expense of people.  I wish everyone would walk off their jobs and we could all swap and barter again.  People are being held hostage by our government and I am waiting for the riots and war to begin.  There’s no way to talk about these things because there IS to discussion, they are passing laws behind our backs and they don’t care what it does to anyone as long as they make money.  These people need to be stopped or we all need to go to Canada and let them destroy each other.  I would love that.  I hope it’s televised.  I don’t watch TV but I would watch that.  I would DEFINITELY watch that.  Freedom is no longer living in this country.  Just hate and control, greed and destruction.  If it hasn’t come to your neighborhood/work place, it’s just a matter of time.


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  1. It is not mandatory yet it is something that Congress is attempting to pass “bill passed Wednesday by the House Committee on Education and the Workforce would allow employers to get around those obstacles if the information is collected as part of a workplace wellness program”

    • Exactly. So the law is actually meaningless…AGAIN and it works for the bad guys. The wellness programs,” are terrible and should be illegal. To be PUNISHED, by having money taken out of your paycheck for NOT complying with things you disagree with is not only unfair, it takes away freedom of choice. You don’t get to CHOOSE not to have MONEY stolen from you by NOT DOING WHAT YOUR TOLD. That is BLACKMAIL. People WORK for their pay. That pay should be paid for the work they DO, not because they won’t submit to tests they don’t want to have. BLACKMAIL. Especially when the people who force them, do not take the tests themselves. IT’S ALL FOR PROFIT AND CONTROL OVER OTHERS AGAIN. The is no other way to look at it. You can say it’s for health but it’s really NOT, it’s all about PERSONAL CHOICES AND BEING PUNISHED FOR THE CHOICES YOU MAKE. PAY IS FOR WORK, NOT FOR REFUSING MEDICAL TESTS YOU DON’T WANT. But see that’s just one more thing to make people feel HELPLESS. THINGS ARE DONE TO PEOPLE AND THEY HAVE NO RECOURSE. Hateful, mentally ill people make laws and we get punished if we don’t follow them. Some idiot says we are going to deport people and OTHERS ACTUALLY DO IT. Where does that power end? In more ovens?

  2. Resa says:

    Eugenics is a word that comes to mind.
    From Canada, I’ve watched the insanity over America’s health care for a decade. First thought that came to mind when I read the article is that …. if employers have to buy health insurance for their workers, they want to only hire people who won’t get sick during their working years. It will help keep the premiums down. SIC
    I suppose these tests would also inform the employer if you are HIV positive, etc. Hmm, could these tests tell if you have transgendered?

    • They can not insure you if your pre-diabetic, pre anything. You would cost too much. They could also FORCE you to take treatment you wouldn’t want or they would once again deduct your pay. One woman was getting calls at home about going to the gym because she was overweight. Here’s another thing. I know this for sure…they want employees to report each other. If you see someone ON THE WEEKEND, smoking or drinking you are expected to report that…like in Germany…rat people out. Canada is looking better and better. My daughter said they might take a vacation there and check it out. the American government has become something to be ashamed of…and despise.

      • Resa says:

        That’s so gross! I guess being a wine drinking vegetarian would get me fired!
        I hope the current American politics don’t spread to up here. Then where could we all go?
        The Dems need to take over Congress or the Senate, but that’s still 2 years away.

  3. Yes, you are not allowed to drink more than a certain amount and it you drink every day, even at dinner, you have a problem and the insureance can get you for that. Make you go to meetings, etc., there is no personal freedom left. I hope Canada isn’t as horrible stupid as the US. This is outright blackmail and forced medical treatment against a person’s wishes. It’s living in prison.

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