Okay, here’s the thing…

How is it possible that a handful of rich white, hateful, fanatical, disgusting, violent, mentally unstable, racists, sexist, homophobic, elite males can destroy an entire country…WHILE WE ARE AWARE OF IT and watching it happen?  There are nine and a half million people in Chicago (and her suburbs),  and five idiots in Washington.  I DON’T GET IT. We’ve already had a Hitler, now he’s back doing it again, right in front of us. I don’t like reruns.

We need to SHUT DOWN THE COUNTRY.  We need to strike. Peaceful resistance (at least on our side).   No one go to work, no one give a cent to the bloody government.  Not a penny.  I’m not saying it will be easy.  We can pay our bills, as long as we can, but no taxes, records or anything.  If the morons want to see things fall apart, that’s a better way to do it. Barter, swap, whatever.  Just CUT THEM OUT.  They are trying to destroy us anyway, so at least this way, it will be our choice, not something that’s DONE TO US by THEM.  We would have to work together (problem number ONE).  We would have to work together and not become scabs.  Unions walk out, why can’t we?  The new Holocaust is walking down the streets in DC and laughing it’s ass off at how much they can do to us without us fighting back.

This is what Mockingjay and all the other RUN/FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE films have been trying to teach us.  Find a place, dig in and watch out for drones.  Eat off the land (that will do me in for sure), and do the best you can until Donald Sutherland is removed.  We need the people in films to be real.  We need X-Men and Women, and the guys who fought Terminator, and we need John Wick. I’ve said that before but it’s true, he’s my HERO big time.   We need heroes with weapons, who KNOW HOW TO USE THE WEAPONS THEY HAVE. We need the VETS who went to Standing Rock.  We need all the VETS who know what war is like.  The VETS who are willing to fight FOR us, not against us.  We need HEROS, or just ordinary people with courage (heroes), and the will to end the destruction of America.

I know all the nice people are thinking of ways to save the world with love and prayers but we to have a world left to love, so I would appreciate it if you would let the people in the streets get on with things because no one ever changed a thing by smiling, not when it comes to people like Hitler, Stalin and all the rest.  Look at history and you can forget Gandhi because this is NOT India a million years ago and we don’t have that much time. Life is different here. not my president doesn’t even know what love is. He’s into waterboarding, so love him all you like but you won’t change anything.  I’m going with Wick.

Honestly, if things get to that point where we have to run, I’d probably end up on an ice floe.  We don’t actually have ice floes in Chicago, but I’m trying to say that I’d be left behind, or I’d leave myself behind, or dash to Canada. I would be completely unable to feed myself (and I’m a vegetarian, so I would hide the animals from those who were hungry, which would make the hungry people kill me, just to prove a point, or to get to the rabbit I was sheltering.  No matter how I look at it, things don’t look good for me.  But I’d rather go down fighting.

I’ve written about this before, but MY farm is the grocery store.  I’ve never been camping in my entire life, and I will never understand what picnics are about.  Why people would carry food from one place to another just to eat on a blanket, or bench, is something way beyond anything I can imagine.  As kids, sure, make a sandwich, put up a tend in the yard and go for it.  But  I’ve know adults who brought food in Tupperware containers to a picnic and then brought the containers home to be washed.  A lot of trouble, just to eat somewhere else. When I HAD to go to picnics, I would stop on the way and pick up something to eat, then throw everything away when I left.  That made sense and no one would die from bad egg salad. People always tried to feed me the food they made and brought but I refused, since that would be completely unfair to them.  I don’t know why they weren’t okay with what I was eating anyway.  They loved their container stuff.  So, I passed on noodle salad and all the other things in Tupperware.   Yeah, not into that, so it might be hard for me to live off the land. I have no idea which leaves/berries are poison and which ones are not. Surviving off growing things, while in the wilds of the city or suburbs, means that I would starve, or poison myself. I have books on how to survive in the wild but I’ve never opened them. I’m not sure I even know what the “wild” is.  If it’s Wisconsin, then I’ve been there.  I’m saving the survival books for an emergency but by then, of course, it will be too late.  I think they show a person how to fix a broken leg with a branch and I don’t think I would like that either.  If someone tried to kill a possum or squirrel, I would have to fight them and I don’t imagine it would take that long for some big guy to knock me down.  I used to be able to fight but that was a long time ago.  As for water, I think you’re supposed to run rain water through cheesecloth, to purify it, but I don’t know if that’s true and I don’t carry cheesecloth around with me.  Truthfully, the only time I’ve ever used cheesecloth,  was to make curtains for Halloween.  I can ride a horse and I might be able to fight someone long enough for an animal to escape but where would we get chocolate?  If you’ve never been around a person who is addicted to chocolate when she doesn’t have any…it’s not a pretty picture, believe me.  In that condition I might be able to take the big guy down.

In the movies, people don’t seem to have to deal with any of those questions/problems. There’s always a doctor, a hunter, a scout, a kid, sometimes a scientist, or a guy with knives that come out of his hands. People seem to work together against the bad guys, in the movies. For me, it’s Wick all the way.   He’s real, dedicated and focused.  Bond would be in a tux and I just can see him getting grubby, unless he’s bleeding from somewhere and that’s a different story altogether.  Wick could clean up washington in a few minutes and then people who liked picnics could eat on the lawn, in front of the white house, afterwards.

I still believe that we are someone’s science experiment and we truly are in a big aquarium. How else can you explain it?  WE CANNOT ESCAPE OUR CAGE, TANK, ENCLOSURE, PEN, OR WHATEVER YOU’D LIKE TO CALL THIS PLACE.  We don’t have a clue as to what’s going on.  Hitler was a moron and he hasn’t changed, except now he’s orange and he doesn’t have facial hair…yet.

Boycott the country.  Boycott our government.

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