Okay, so…

I’ve been thinking and it seems to me that the reason we don’t take care of the earth (as a species, not as individuals), is because we aren’t actually invested in it.  We can’t, or don’t, see the BIG PICTURE because we are taught to look the other way, so that a profit can be made by the people who we ALLOW to run things.  If we falsely believe that we can’t say anything about fracking, etc., because IT’S NOT OUR PROPERTY, then we have lost the battle.  Our thoughts and vision are always being misdirected by schools, churches and institutions in general. We are TAUGHT and expected to see the narrowest picture we can. My house, my bit of land, my this and my that.  We don’t see that the land belongs to itself and that we are merely visitors, like everyone/thing else.  We have been corrupted into thinking that there is scarcity in a land of abundance, so we are expected to take care of our tiny spot and not the earth in general.  It’s like taking care of your arms but not your legs, because you see your arms more often.  We have to realize that the entire planet is where we live, not just at our own personal address.  The icky stuff that happens in the world IS happening in our own home.

The animals are treated horrifically, not just for food and goods but wild animals have no habitat in which they can survive.  Instead of being caretakers and putting them first we are TAUGHT GREED, THAT THE LAND BELONGS TO US, when it does NOT.  THE EARTH BELONGS TO EVERY LIVING THING, including trees and rivers and worms.  We ARE death.  We are greed.  We are the destroyers of everything beautiful and living, and we JUST WILL NOT STOP!

We must break the cycle or there will be nothing to be greedy about.  Hopefully, if we kill ourselves, fingers crossed, the animals and the earth Herself, will recover and flourish. That’s my dream.  My nightmare is that after we kill this planet, and everything on it, we’ll just move to another one and start over.  I think that’s what we did before.  Mars was probably the last one we killed.  We are, as a group, the worst thing that could happen to other living organisms.  Absolutely the worst.  We have brains that gravitate toward violence.  All that knowledge and creativity and look what we have done with it.  Hatred and greed are worse than ever.   We are more deadly than ever, as well.  We could have lived in harmony with nature, instead we treat it like an enemy, just one more thing to CONTROL and murder, like the human spirit.  We MUST rid ourselves of every overlord that exists, if we want to survive and leave a better world for future generations.  Power over others = DEATH.

So, have a nice Sunday:)

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10 Responses to Okay, so…

  1. Resa says:

    I completely agree with you!
    AND this article about a bill moving quietly through the US Congress has me completely freaked out. https://www.yahoo.com/news/house-republicans-let-employers-demand-100034946.html It demands that all employees undergo genetic testing & that the employers have a right to see the info. What the he** is going on in the U.S.?
    Well, like you say, have a nice Sunday!
    (I admit breaking into laughter when I read the closing line to your article)

    • I’m so sick about this garbage. Really, we aren’t going to be able to stay here. There’s also a bill going through that will pull Federal Funding from any city/place that won’t turn over immigrants. Hitler…Hitler and more Hitler. Reincarnation has brought the bastard back. The UCLA is supposedly going to go to towns and cities and teach people how to make their cities Sanctuary cities/towns. Chicago is one already and our mayor said he won’t give up anyone to them. They are so EVIL I don’t have works to describe it.

      I’m so happy I made you laugh. We need as much as that as we can get now days. Thank you for the info. I posted it. Appreciate it very much.

  2. gserpent says:

    We treat the earth the way we do because humans are in the masculine(alien) mindset. This part of us is not from here so we treat it like it’s not our home. Humans that are closer to the sacred feminine(hominid) side of the mind will treat earth like home. The human race is alien to planet earth and it shows.

  3. The indigenous people of this planet still attempt to treat it with respect. The ones who wish to exploit it for profit simply push them aside, https://www.census.gov/prod/1/statbrief/sb95_11.pdf 1990 Census info for Native Americans. Yet they still have a voice it just needs support.

    • I agree with you. Unfortunately, the Native American people are not teaching our children, not in the white house. If they were, life would be very different, that’s one reason they are kept in the position they are in. They WOULD make a difference and differences are NOT ALLOWED by the reigning white males. Their voice definitely need support. Standing Rock is one example of what raising your voice does…it gets you shot, water hosed and until the vets and others add their voices, I have no doubt that it would have gotten them killed. That’s the American Way…kill anyone who doesn’t agree with the white, elite, fanatical, moronic agenda. It’s a nightmare. The government isn’t done with Standing Rock…they want it and they will do whatever they have to in order to get it. They only care about profit, not people, not the environment, not the planet, not health and sustainability. Greed is what they are.

  4. I agree. And with the Mars comment. Little do these earthlings know.

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