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6 Responses to Gone…

  1. For me that is the most beautiful piece that you have written. Profound.

  2. I love to think there is no afterlife, no consciousness beyond this existence. Imagine death as death. I hope so. I’ve had enough.

    • I would be so okay with that. But my life has been saved quite a few times, when I was ALONE, and I sure didn’t save myself. Impossible things happened. Time and space shifts for which there is no logical explanation…other than the fact that I wasn’t supposed to die. When I was caught in an undertow in Lake Michigan, and I KNEW, and accepted, that I was going to die (a beautiful and peaceful feeling, by the way), something that felt like a giant hand literally came under my entire body, carried me all the way to shore (which I couldn’t even see any longer), and threw me on the beach. I almost drowned two other times as well and something saved me then, as well. Here I am, untouched, saved by whatever saved me, time and time again. Once, when I was coming in from water skiing, the tow rope caught around my ankle. The spotter had turned away and the boat took off. I was dragged under water around a huge lake lake. I never could have held my breath that long. I don’t even remember holding my breath. When they finally pulled up to the dock, I just swam up, took the rope off my black and swollen ankle, and I didn’t even have water up my nose. That was impossible. I don’t know what any of the things that happened to me are all about but because of those experiences, I think something is going on after death. I guess I’ll find out when I leave, right?

      • These are incredible stories, Gigi. I have a few myself. There was the time I was twelve on the Ohio River beneath a boat dock, but most of my life-defying experiences involved driving. I kinda believe something goes on after life too. But either way, I’m good with nothing. Thanks for sharing your amazing experiences.

  3. I think most of us have those kinds of things. The weirdest one I had was…It was winter and I was coming out of a shopping center driveway, onto a busy street that had a speed limit of 45, but everyone went at least 10 or 15 mph faster. The driveway was slanted, short and solid ice. I hit the breaks and couldn’t stop. I could see the cars flying toward me and I was going to slide out right in front of them (so I would be right across three lanes of fast coming traffic with the driver’s side right in front of all of them…there was nothing I could do. I got that peaceful feeling again, closed my eyes, and waited for the crash. Nothing happened. When I looked, the two cars that were right on top of me…were farther down the road, ON THE OTHER SIDE OF MY CAR, sitting at the stop light. There is no possible way those cars could have missed me. None at all. I slid right in front of them. There wasn’t room to go anywhere else, there was a median down the middle of the highway. Two cars should have plowed into the side of my car going 50 mph and yet they were both on the other side of my car. It was an absolutely impossible thing and yet it happened. I never close my eyes like that, so I think I wasn’t supposed to actually see what happened. Anyway, it’s something I’ll never forget, that’s for sure. Then there was the time I dove off the front of a speed boat that was moving, into water I was unfamiliar with (I was a crazy teenager, like everyone else). The boat took off and I landed in a bed of seaweed that immediately wrapped around my entire body. I was underwater AGAIN and I heard this voice yell DON’T MOVE. So, I didn’t. Because I listened, the seaweed unwrapped from around me and I carefully came up for air and gently swam away. You would think I would know enough to stay out of water and stop playing with speed boats, wouldn’t you? That I’m still alive had nothing to do with me and that’s the truth. When people say you don’t die until you’re supposed to that’s the truth. Someone/thing has done a very good job keeping me alive. I’d love to know what happened to you.

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