Quote by: Eleanor Roosevelt…

Rubber Stamps

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4 Responses to Quote by: Eleanor Roosevelt…

  1. Excellent and I can testify that this is the way to live life if you are to truly be alive.

  2. silvermags says:

    Technical question: do you stretch your watercolour paper if you are planning to stamp on it?

    • No, because these are very small works. I have stretched very large sheets of paper in the past but I mostly just use them as they are. I always use Strathmore paper and I actually use colored pencils. I use acrylics (as watercolors), for large pictures. I received a full set of the most gorgeous watercolor pencils as a gift. Two trays, must have cost over $800. But I always use Crayola watercolor pencils. I’ve tried tons of them and I just use Crayola pencils now. They are the best.

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