From Elizabeth Warren…

Dear MoveOn member,

We can whine and whimper about the fact that Trump lost the popular vote and lose hope in the face of Trump’s corrupt and morally bankrupt agenda.

Or we can persist in fighting back. I mean really fight back—week after week, month after month, until we turn the tide to protect the middle class, strengthen our democracy, and unite around common dreams instead of being divided by bigotry.

I know where I stand. Mitch McConnell was right about one thing: I’m “persistent.”

To confront Trump, MoveOn members like you are already working your tails off. But here’s the hard truth: That wasn’t enough in 2016, and we need to do even more than we are already doing so we can win next time.

Which is why I’m asking: Will you pitch in $5 a month to fuel MoveOn’s absolutely essential organizing? Just click here to get started.

MoveOn’s Resistance Recess was breathtaking. Hundreds of thousands of members and allies spoke out at town halls and derailed GOP efforts to ram through legislation to shred the Affordable Care Act. Republicans can try to dig in their heels behind Trump’s hollow promises, but the truth is we’ve got them on the run on health care.

But it will take enormous resources to continue to fight the Trump Republican agenda, and to build the political power we need to win elections in 2018 and 2020.

Will you pitch in $5—or whatever you can—each month, so that MoveOn can take on Donald Trump every day and take back power in 2018 and 2020? Just click here.

MoveOn can do this—because they’ve done it before. Political pundits didn’t believe that taking back the House was possible in 2006. But MoveOn was one of the first groups to say it was possible and played a pivotal role in making it happen. That win helped build the momentum for Barack Obama’s historic victory in 2008.

And MoveOn members came through in droves when I ran for Senate, packing my offices across Massachusetts with volunteers. I know they’ve done the same for many other progressive members of Congress.

For nearly two decades, MoveOn has led principled, tough, and winning campaigns to stand up to the powerful interests and fight for working people.

  • When it looked like health care reform would never pass, MoveOn worked tirelessly from the long, hot, Tea Party-filled summer of 2009 through the following spring. MoveOn members put their shoulders to the wheel to pass and defend the Affordable Care Act while the Republicans fought every step of the way.
  • MoveOn members were instrumental in bringing the war in Iraq to a close and stopping a war with Iran.
  • When it looked like the Obama administration might make a “grand bargain” that could cut Social Security, MoveOn helped save it.
  • And last but certainly not least, when the big banks and financial institutions brought our economy to its knees, MoveOn fought for Wall Street reform, including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

MoveOn members, working together, can accomplish big things. So as we face what may be the greatest political challenge of our lifetimes, we need MoveOn—and MoveOn members like you, Carlson—to do more than ever.

Which is why I have an important request:

Will you pitch in $5 a month to fuel MoveOn’s organizing, so that MoveOn can take on the Trump Republican agenda and take back power in 2018 and 2020?

Yes, I’ll pitch in monthly!

No, I’m sorry, I can’t make a monthly donation.

The day after Trump was elected, MoveOn members—heartsick and exhausted to the bone—turned out in droves to hundreds of vigils across America. That’s the kind of grit and determination we will need for the next four years.

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2 Responses to From Elizabeth Warren…

  1. Lets hope that this doesn’t last four years.

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