Chicklet Sam…babysitter

Chicklet Sam, who is quite young, said he would babysit for a mother bird, while she went to bathe and get something to eat.  Fortunately, she wasn’t gone long.  Sam said the babies made a lot of noise and he wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do. He chirped to them until they quieted down a bit. The mother bird said he did a wonderful job and she was grateful.  She asked if he would like a worm but he declined.  She thanked him and went about feeding her babies.   Sam told the other chicklets that they needed to start a babysitting class, so when they were asked to watch different friends, they would know what to do.   The chicklets were very excited by the idea, and immediately set up three committees.   The Interview Committee: which will collect data (question different moms).  The Data Committee: which will collate the data and make charts. And The Speakers Committee: which will study the data and present it to the rest of the chicklets.  All of this will be done while working on the Moon Party.  The kitchen crew promised to make treats for the meetings and the Costume Committee said they would come up with something for the babysitters to wear.  Everyone is busy and having fun because that’s what life is all about at The Coop.


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