Quote by: Bernie Sanders


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4 Responses to Quote by: Bernie Sanders

  1. Heartafire says:

    So disturbing…our kids are being Poisoned and we wonder why so many are medicated.

    • So very true. Autism, ADD, all kinds of problems we never saw before in so many children. I really do believe we are being poisoned. When my son was sick the doctor said leukemia had risen to unbelievable heights. He said they though part of it was from the chemicals put onto lawns and from hot dogs. We didn’t put the stuff on our lawn but everyone else did. Lots of things are worse than ever before and I think it’s from all of those things, and fluoride in our water.

      • Heartafire says:

        It’s so awful that we are unable to stop this “war” on the people . Our children are divert thing to us and we are helpless many times not knowing these additives are in the food and water. Tears!

  2. People falsely believe that the government is “protecting” us, when it’s just the opposite. GMOs, all the growth hormones in meat, chicken. People still eat animals and that is doing terrible things to them, to their kids and to the planet. I don’t doubt that our water is tampered with and now look at the brain damaged kids in Michigan. They poisoned the people but the politicians didn’t poison THEMSELVES. We can’t believe anything they say. They exist for profit and not for people.

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