Okay, so…

America is a racist society, it’s a lot of other things too, but I want to concentrate on race, for the moment.

So, I was giving a lecture to a packed audience, on Susan B Anthony.  I stepped up to the podium and said, “Susan B Anthony, a white woman, was…”  and, collectively, the audience gasped.  Everyone looked at me, confusion on their faces.  One woman, in the front row, was actually stunned.  She sat there frowning at me and then she got it. She nodded at me and started writing.

See, when you are the powerful race, no one has to mention that you’re white.   You only mention race for those who AREN’T white.  White is always ASSUMED, if there is no description of any other race.  That’s what power is all about.  It’s about not needing to talk about your power because everyone knows you have it.

We NEVER say Bill Clinton, the forty-second white president of the United States.  It would never occur to anyone to say it. Obama will always be the first BLACK president. The next black president will be the second black president.  Power. Unfair, disgusting, and right there in plain sight for everyone to see.

It’s everywhere, in everything, and so much a part of our racist culture that we don’t even think about it until someone describes someone as white.  Try it.  Next time you’re talking about someone use the word white to describe her/him.  It throws people off.  They might even stop and get a weird look on their face.   White shouldn’t run the country.  If we were all blind we wouldn’t even know there were different colored skins, eyes, or hair.  It’s just more garbage white males made up.  Seriously…it’s so disgusting I can hardly imagine why we haven’t had more civil/race wars.

I’m asking you to use the word white every single time you talk about a white person, just as you would use the word black, or hispanic, to describe someone.  Let is sit in your mouth and stall your brain.  It sounds funny, because it’s not part of our normal language, unless you’re telling the police who broke into a store and it was a white guy.  Do it.  Try it.

We are all racist.  It’s what we’ve been taught to be.  We can say that we aren’t racist but we are.  Men can say they aren’t sexist but they are…all of them, because being male comes with privilege, just like being white does.   It’s what this country is, it’s the home of the racist, sexist, white, male power structure.  We need to change that.  We need to change that NOW, before more people are raised with the poison that was put into our heads.  The poison that divides us, kills us and denies us any hope of peace and acceptance.

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10 Responses to Okay, so…

  1. Heartafire says:

    It seems racist to me that the mere mention of ones race is to be seen as racist. It is unrealistic to ignore this basic fact. To consider the mention that one is white or black yellow or brown is demeaning is part of the problem because it means we set these races apart in hierarchy and must not reference the ethnic background because it is the elephant In the room. When we get past that there will no longer be an elephant In the room

  2. JustJan says:

    But isn’t everyone everywhere racist? Not saying it is right, but isn’t it true?

    • Yes, because we have been taught to be that way but it’s wrong and we need to figure out how to change what people are conditioned to see and believe. We have to change the power structure and the stop white males from dominating everything we do.

  3. Dr B says:

    Amazing, on June 23rd I was not a racist then when I switched on the BBC News on June 24th I had somehow become one! Seems it had something to do with how I voted in the U.K. Referendum the previous day. We are branded as racists today by the left leaning cultural marxists virtue signallers (who also label people as facist, misogynistic and homophobic) based on the use of words/language on something they disagree with. Did you know in Canada now a word association test is being used to determine racism in CBC executives!!! I wrote about it on my blog The Two Doctors here http://wp.me/p3R1tV-wR

    • I think people have different definitions for racism. Some thing overt actions make people racists but other believe that it’s inherent in the system and has to do with white privilege. Those have have privilege don’t recognize it because it’s “just the way things are.” I’ve never been asked to leave a place because I was white. I’d be shocked if some came up to me and said I couldn’t sit in a certain place because I was white. My color isn’t an issue in my life because, at this moment in time, white is the color of privilege. Because of that we don’t notice that other people are not afforded the same privileges as we are. Like women, people of color are considered “less.” Women make less, are not protected by law, etc., so it is with racism. People of color are not always given the same education (brainwashing) white children are, they don’t get jobs that pay enough to live (this is true for everyone now days), and the list goes on and on. I’m less likely to be a victim of police brutality than a person of color based on nothing LESS than color. So without our consent we are racist because we were raised to be blind to the inequities in our culture. White males enslaved other human beings. White male privilege is death on many levels, including greed, that is killing us right now. White males, or men of power, think short term and don’t worry about long term destruction. People don’t seem real to them. They don’t care about what happens to others. People of color are merely part of the herd (which is what they call all of us now).

      People of color have a difficult time overcoming racism because it’s invisible. Like sexism and all the rest. It’s NOT invisible but it seems to be because we have been conditioned to not see it. So, all of us are racist by default. We have to listen to what people of color tell us. We need them to show us and explain the things we can’t see, or even understand. It’s like women telling men they are afraid of ALL of them because we don’t know who the good guys are, as opposed to the bad ones. Men won’t get that. They can’t understand the fear. Normally, men can’t understand the built in fear, that imprisons women and restricts their movements. It’s the same with racism. We have to pay attention. We have to admit that we don’t understand what we do to others. We have to change the way we live and see things. If we are pathetic enough to call people by their color then white people need to be called white as well. Not one president was called white. Calling Obama black is racism. It’s other…other than THE NORM. There is no norm. There’s only power over others. Understand that white people are racist is the first step in making a change. It’s not an insult, it’s just what is. We were taught to be blind and it’s time to open our eyes.

      • Dr B says:

        I do not accept blanket stereotyping. People defining racist is different ways is not acceptable either. My wife is brown, a Nepali, not a person of colour. I am white, an Englishman and she calls me a white man too. We have been married for 46 years, but by some people’s definitions we are racist. Pardon our language, but that’s bollocks!

      • I certainly understand where you’re coming from and I agree about sweeping generalizations. However, it’s possible that where we come from makes us think the way we do. In the Jazz Age many brilliant people went to Paris so they could live without the crushing prejudice that existed in this country. I don’t feel racist in the least. Many men don’t feel that they’re sexist. It’s an insidious thing. When one gender, race, or species has power over another, there is no equality. That’s all I’m trying to say. As long as someone can kill you, destroy you, force you into poverty, dismiss you, threaten you, keep you from being educated, from making money, from having a job, from forcing violence upon you at all times, there is NO equality. There is no balance. There is no safe place. That’s what America IS. It’s driven by greed and violence. No one is safe but the elite who are so terrified they surround themselves with armed guards, drive in bullet proof cars. It’s like that around the world, for those how have the power to harm others. They need protection because of what they are, because of what they do to people. It’s the way things are. There’s no getting around it. The people in charge make the rules we are forced to live by. The rules are made to give the rule makers MORE and everyone else LESS. They are guarded because they are afraid…they say they are afraid of crazy people, but I don’t believe that. I think they are afraid because of what they do.

  4. Brilliant observation. I’ll give it a go.

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