Do you believe that…

…good can overcome

…that greed will
destroy the world

…that equality
can ever be attained

…that we are asking
the right questions

…that people care enough
to bring about change

…that dogs and cats
are here to help
stabilize humans

…that we are being
played with

…that our government
is poisoning us

…that feral cats
are wonderful

…that broken trust
can ever be mended

…that reading can
help us understand
each other

…that men will ever be
kind to women as a group

…that power over others
will bring us to extinction

…that tootsie pops are
super sweet

…that artists are
less inclined to
violence than those
who do not create

…that every living thing
on the planet knows more
than human beings

…that the end of civilization
as we know it
is near

…civil war is inevitable

…that Terminator was a
glimpse into our future

…that John Wick
is a hero

…people like animals
more than they like
other people

…that old beliefs
and customs are
destroying us

…that gravity
will always exist

…that there already
is a cure for cancer

…that we are being
made sick for profit

…that the bad guys
will face payback

…that being dead is
better than being alive

…that films
give us hope

…that mental illness
in a president is a good thing

…that America never was
what everyone thought it was

…that men made up all the
words and definitions so
our language only works for them

…that bullying will get worse
since it lives in Washington

…that stopping rape
would change the world

…that keeping men out of
power would give us a better
chance at peace

…that listening to Native Americans
would help solve some of our problems

…that we can ever stop those in power
from destroying the planet

…that saving the bees
is saving ourselves

…that our minds
are our own

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6 Responses to Do you believe that…

  1. Resa says:

    I love cat graf! Of course cats love cat grass! 😀
    Hey, one of those murals is only a walk away from me!
    You already liked it and commented, but it’s a good one.

  2. Resa says:

    Of course I left the last comment on the wrong post, but I think you know which one I mean.
    I also wanted to comment on this poem. I believe most of it, but not all. “…that mental illness
    in a president is a good thing” LOL!!!!!!!
    Hey, I had a great cousin, my grandmother’s first cousin. He was a researcher who worked on gov’t funded Cancer research in the 1920s – 40’s. Around WWII, my grandmother got breast cancer. He cured it, naturally. He died. The government took all the research. My grandmother’s breast cancer came back in the 1960’s. She said it came back because she went off the maintenance diet.
    The programme included a very strict regime, until the cancer was gone. Then there was less strict diet for the rest of her life.
    She couldn’t remember anything except wheat germ was a huge part of the maintenance diet. She tried to get the research back, but to no avail. She wound up having a double mastectomy.
    This was told to me by my grandmother, may she RIP.

    • OMG Resa. See, I absolutely believe they can cure cancer but there’s so much profit in it that no one will be allowed to cure it. How did they get his research? Those hateful people, just take whatever they want. I hope there’s a special place for people like that, after they die. I’m sorry about your grandmother and truthfully, I hope the government didn’t kill your grandfather. It’s been done before.

      I do remember the cat on your blog, by the way. I love it.

      • Resa says:

        You see, the research was funded by the gov’t, so they owned it. It’s crazy, but if a private company had funded it, they would own it. They would have kept it under wraps, because he researched for a natural cure, not a man-made chemical cure.
        My grandfather died in WWII, so I suppose in a way many gov’ts killed him. I never met him.
        Grams raised 4 sons alone. She wrote charming family stories for a local newspaper, and was the treasurer for the Manitoba school board in the 1960’s. I have a clipping from a newspaper in 1950. She is turning the first shovel of sod for a railway extension.
        There are about 12 men in the BG, watching HER do the honors! I’m so proud of her!

      • Resa says:

        I believe the same… “we can’t cure this” is happening with AIDS

  3. That’s wonderful. I can understand how special they both were. I agree about AIDS. I think they have cures for a lot of things but we’ll never see them. Too much profit is involved. It’s so terrible. They do the same thing with UFO reports. I’ve seen exceptionally credible people tell how the government barged in and confiscated their files/work. One guy, made double copies of something important and it was on TV because they only took the one they thought was the only copy. Our government is corrupt and dangerous.

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