Okay, so…

I’ve read things that say our chemically poisoned water has been lulling us into a coma like state that leaves us feeling unmotivated and exhausted.  The contrails, from planes, are destroying our brains and making us sick.  I don’t want to believe those things but I do. The stats about the illnesses caused by the chemicals supposedly used, proves the point. GMOs, poison water in Michigan, yes, I believe that we are being attacked from inside. See, the thing is, we can’t automatically say, “That’s insane, our government wouldn’t do that to us,” because we don’t actually know what our government will do to us anymore. Many feel threatened because we believe the things we read might be true.  TRUST HAS BEEN DESTROYED.  Now, the idea that they HAVE BEEN poisoning us, is a real threat.

I’ve heard so many people say they are happy they are older because they don’t want to stay here any longer.  They want to die to get away from our government and our violent way of life, filled with lies and greed.  When you come from a time where things were more peaceful, where wars were necessary, not for profit, where government didn’t trample on your dreams and destroy your way of life, it’s difficult to want to stay here.  That’s how bad the world has become.  Suicide in teens is off the charts, soldiers are committing suicide, as well, so it’s not only older people who hate it here.  Something is very wrong.  Mental illness is growing, autism, as well.  Homeless people are everywhere.  It’s time we stop pretending that things will work out if we just join hands and sing a little song, or read words from Buddha.

Something I find amazingly strange…The Right to Die people, those working for a peaceful end to life, when one is deathly ill and there’s no hope, have a difficult time getting even the simplest laws passed.  They want to stop suffering and allow people to have doctor assisted passage from this world.  With all the killing and violence in the world, with our incredibly HATEFUL and MORNIC government, they refuse to make a blanket law that allows people to die with dignity.  THEY can kill us, but they want critically ill people to suffer.  How does that make any sense AT ALL?

What does make sense anymore?  I know people who just go about their lives and “don’t want to get involved.”  They daintily step over the homeless, or walk around them, they turn away from dead kids in the streets, starving children, just blocks away from where they shop and live.  They happily send their children to schools that indoctrinate them and destroy their minds.  They sit in bleachers and cheer, or play with their phones, and go to lunch and talk about….things I don’t usually talk about.  The government, wars, hunger, nothing really touches them.  It makes me remember that we don’t all live in the same world.  My daughter said she would rather live in the Matrix than on the submarine.  I always want the sub.  She said I ruined it for her because I made her SEE the sub, so living in the Matrix is impossible.  Hard to teach your kids what you don’t know, right?  If you aren’t living in the Matrix all you can teach them is what’s going on in the submarine.  Keanu Reeves taught us that.

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6 Responses to Okay, so…

  1. Resa says:

    I lost faith in Canada’s government when it brought back the baby seal hunt…. where they club those poor sweet creatures to death…. for what? Seal burgers? Seal fur coats?
    If people can do that without emotion, then they are only a step away from clubbing humans to death.
    Hopefully Trudeau will stop this barbaric practice, that the majority of Canadians hate.. He is also supposed to be bringing us the right to die. His cabinet is 50% women, and many ethnicities are represented.
    It seems like a positive, but like you say, we are poisoned.

  2. omtatjuan3 says:

    The water has some sort of mood suppressor… I know it sounds weird but I wouldn’t put it pass them

  3. Heartafire says:

    When it comes to suffering at the end of life we treat our animals with greater empathy. We would not let them suffer endlessly when there is no hope. The religious right would interfere in the beginning and end but want no part of what happens in the meantime.

    • You are so right about that. No compassion and they NEVER MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS. They are cruel and nasty, hateful power hungry control freaks, but try and tell them what to do.

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