Okay, so…

Here’s the thing.  What exactly are the of jobs of the police and military?  Are they there to “protect” us, or kill and control us?  See that’s what’s so creepy.  They say they work FOR us but if the hate mongers in DC tell them to control, or kill us (Standing Rock and a million more examples), they turn on Americans and see/treat US as enemies.  How does that work?  You can’t work to protect people and beat and kill them at the same time, just because a moron tells you to do that.  How can our CHILDREN, AND LOVED ONES, who work in those fields DO THAT TO US?  What is wrong with them?  JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS?  That’s what they said in Germany and it was the wrong answer then.  The Democratic Convention in Chicago where our lovely mayor had the cops beat and beat and beat unarmed, peaceful protesters in the streets.  How are we expected to TRUST our own police and military forces when they would turn on us in a second.  How SICK is that?  To be afraid of the very people who swore to protect us.  What is WRONG with those who would harm their own citizens who are unarmed and peaceful…like the Native Americans, or the kids at Kent State?  WHAT ALLOWS PEOPLE TO DO THAT?  Are they so broken? Can’t they tell the difference between right and wrong?  It’s not right to beat people with clubs when they are standing on the street.  That is WRONG.  It’s WRONG to follow orders when some idiot TELLS you to beat someone standing quietly in the street.  Police IN RIOT GEAR facing off against unarmed people in jeans and t-shirt.  Yeah, it’s really hard to know right and wrong in a situation like that.  The police wouldn’t have to be afraid of protesters if they weren’t THERE or were standing next to them.  Their gear alone tells us what they are READY for.  THEY ARE READY FOR THE VIOLENCE THEY INTEND TO START!  I’ve seen it happen.  Then the protesters are BLAMED for being violent.  Yeah, those American Terrorists, standing there, doing nothing started a fight with all the men in RIOT GEAR because they thought they could beat them.  Who the hell would believe THAT?

Look at it this way…some will say the police are protecting themselves against the protesters. They will say they have a tough job and everyone hates them, so they are just doing their jobs. But see I think they should be on THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PICKET LINES  they should be protecting the protesters.  THAT ACTUALLY IS THEIR JOB…to PROTECT THE PEOPLE OF THE CITY, NOT THE MORONIC POLITICIANS!  They aren’t supposed to be personal protection for the morons in power, they are supposed to protect AMERICANS.  They have it BACKWARDS.  We pay them to protect US.  They aren’t supposed to work for the rich, white guys, they are supposed to keep our country and citizens safe, not beat and arrest us because some hateful, lying, elitist tells them to.

I have no doubt that if the sick and pathetic men in DC tell them to kill us…they will do it and that’s what I will NEVER understand.  NEVER.  They are us…underpaid servants to the disgusting people who call us the herd.  How can they not be with us,  instead of against us?  They have to say, “NO, I WON’T DO THAT” and once they say that…then they will be honoring their oath to be on the side of this country and its PEOPLE.   They should say no to illegal spying, no to hurting people and treating them like criminals because they hand out pamphlets.   How can they expect us to trust them?  We can’t.  Not ever, not until they turn their faces toward the REAL CRIMINALS…those who run the country.  Once we see them stand with the people…then they will be trusted and fulfill their promise.  Until then they are the arm of the monsters and that means they are dangerous to all of us who choose to express our legal right to peacefully protest against corruption in government. Every single police person and military person, should be on the side of the people, not the cowards who think they are in charge.  Hey, I’m just sayin’.

I’m a dreamer and my dream is to see the men and women on the force and those in the military take a real stand against the elitists and instead work for justice and the citizens they promised to protect.  And pigs fly at night in satin slippers, I know.

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14 Responses to Okay, so…

  1. lovetotsy says:

    Good and valid questions. I’d like to think there are more good folk in uniform than not. Your article makes me wonder I’d folk in uniform should get out of the game after so many years. Do they become corrupt or go in that way? It’s a real problem when we fear those who are supposed to protect us.

  2. Heartafire says:

    Based on comments coming from the Trump adm , I am wondering how long it wil be before he sends the “Feds ” into Chicago. Definitely sounds like he wants his own “brown shirts”.

    • He’s upset with out mayor because he said he shouldn’t be counting how many people were at his swearing in but concentrate on the country. He’s angry because we are a sanctuary city and we won’t deport immigrants. So, yes, I’m sure at some point they will be here. Morons.

      • Heartafire says:

        It’s a frightening scenario. I am holding out hope that as a people we will not allow his vengeance to succeed.

      • They have all the weapons and our fellow citizens, those who have been trained to kill people labeled BAD/DANGEROUS, will not hesitate. That’s the REAL problem. Their hearts and souls have been turned against the truth and against right, and against love. That’s the terrifying thing.

  3. I hope you’re standing on every street corner in Chicago saying this to your fellow citizens, not to mention your other ‘Okay. so…’ posts.

    • Well, thank you for that. People who are okay, don’t want conflict they just want to disappear and go unnoticed. They feel safe by being silent. What a mistake that is. The government uses us to police ourselves and that’s just sick, in my opinion. They punish those who speak out to keep other silent. Evil at it’s best. I don’t understand why people don’t see what’s going on in the world today. Citizens everywhere are becoming property of the state and treated as such. Our freedom and privacy is all buy gone but who is watching the watchers? We can’t even get the moron in Washington to give his tax statements which EVERY president MUST do. America, until this idiot is out, is finished.

  4. jonolan says:

    It’s all based upon people’s behavior. The police and the military are there to protect the good and the majority. Sometimes that means culling and quarantining the bad elements, the enemies within.

    • Who are the bad elements, the enemies and why aren’t they ever the rich and powerful who destroy the environment, make sure people remain poor and start illegal wars? Who culls them? Innocent people standing together on the street are NOT enemies of the state. People have the right to hand out pamphlets without being arrested. The men in Washington are the enemies of the people and the state, when will the police and military protect US form THEM?

  5. Reblogged this on shelbycourtland and commented:
    I cannot argue with this! Sound points! Why are our family members siding with ‘The State’ against US? I would certainly love for someone from the military or the police to answer that question. And how would they feel if they were not on the police force or in the military and they were facing down those who are? What if the shoe were on the other foot, so to speak?

    This is most definitely ‘food for thought’!

  6. Thank you very much.

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