LOGAN…film review…came out today…violent, gory, the girl is fantastic…go see it.


Debbie and I saw Logan today.  It’s getting 4 1/2 stars and I can see why,  LOTS of action. It’s a violent, bloody, gory, film, for sure.  But who doesn’t love Logan, right? The girl in the movie is fantastic and deserves a mini oscar for viscousness, quick thinking and intelligence.  Loved her.  The only problem…Logan limping, huffing and puffing just a little too much, for a little too long. And some of the things he did, well, I don’t believe he would have done those things but aside from that…lots of fun.  Very violent, so not for kids. The girl made the film…she was outstanding in every sense of the word.  One other things…they didn’t use the other mutants for more than a second.  That would have made the movie even better.  Dropped the ball on that one.

Sorry, but Patric Stewart belongs on the Enterprise, I don’t care what anyone says.

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