Things I learned today…

When it’s 20 degrees outside and your furnace breaks during the night, it gets REALLY COLD IN YOUR HOUSE.  Your laptop turns to ice and getting out of a hot shower into freezing cold air…not fun.  It made me once again realize how horrific it must be to live on the street in Chicago during the WINTER.  Anytime, really, but in the winter it’s a nightmare.  It’s easy to think of other things when you’re warm.  When you’re really cold, ALL YOU CAN THINK ABOUT IS BEING COLD.   I hate that people are freezing.

I went to the dentist.  They have flat screens on the wall in every room, to distract people and make them think they aren’t sitting there with their mouths open.  Anyway, I never look at the screen because they always have it on CNN and I NEVER watch the news. Today, my dentist said, “Notice the TV is on Home and Garden?”  I didn’t tell him that I never look at the TV.  He said that the news, and not my president, made the patients upset and made him have palpitations, so they have nice things on now. He said he can’t even look at anything that has to do with not my president.  My dentist, and the people who work in the office are fabulous.  They are warm, kind, generous, funny and like family. So it’s nice to see them, unless they have something icky to tell me and I have to go back.


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