Do you believe…

…that love
is different
for each of us

…that adults
need governmental
“fathers” making decisions
FOR us

…that it’s okay
to buy cookbooks
just for the pictures

…that women
run the world

…that everyone is

…that we train
males to kill
because it doesn’t
come naturally

…that war

…that it’s okay for
eight year old child brides
to die on their
‘wedding nights,’
from repeated sexual
assault by old, grown, men
who rupture
their internal organs

…that this is hell

…that it’s easy
for those who have
to overlook those
who have not

…that our water
is safe to drink

…that playing football
causes brain damage
in children

…that chocolate
can stop

…that evil
is real

…that America
is isolated
from the rest of the world

…that everyone is

…that life
is just one
repetitive motion
after another

…that when someone
crosses over we should
have a rebirthday party

…that predestination

…that fate
is real

…that karma
is payback

…that we are
in control
of anything

…that we are
the ultimate

…that cats
are smarter
than dogs

…that malts
are delicious

…that everything people
despise about working
we do to animals
without thinking
or caring
how they feel

…that every five years
a different race should be
in charge of government

…that squirrels find
all the nuts they bury

…that schools destroy

…that creative people are
a danger to the government

…that interracial marriage
on a grand scale would
solve a lot of problems

…that people should mind
their own business

…that government should
be abolished and officials
put in jail

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4 Responses to Do you believe…

  1. woooow. thank you for this. ❤
    have a nice day, dear gigi.

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