Really American

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8 Responses to America…

  1. This is the worst of Trump. Seemingly reaching out to help while destroying and doing worse damage elsewhere. Sneaky snake.

    • He’s a sociopath, among other things. The people who voted for him are terrifying in their mass insanity. I doubt that anyone of them sees him for what he is.

      • I do believe you are correct in assuming that they don’t have a clue. Trump looked more presidential delivering his address last night. It’s still all lies and even though his attire and speech had been redone in an effort to sell him I know that he will soon, soon, soon have one of his ‘psychotic breaks.’ His people won’t even notice.

      • It’s all so fake but like all science fiction novels, the slaves can’t tell the difference any longer. I hope we can stop him soon. The longer he’s in office, the more danger there is to the lives of women and the planet.

  2. Resa says:

    Canada is no saint when it comes to how we murdered, then sidelined our natives.
    Progress is slow when it comes to cleaning up the mess we’ve made.
    I know many of the stories. Especially sad is the massacre of Sitting Bull and his family.

    • I don’t know what progress means anymore. I don’t think there is such a thing because we never really solve anything and while we pretend to try, we just start some other hideous thing. We are a horrible species, especial the males.

      • Resa says:

        I do agree.
        LOL! You just made me think of my mom! For years and years she lived in a trailer in the middle of the Manitoba prairie.
        When I would visit, I would go with her & her trusty flashlight, at night way out into the wild oats of nowhere.
        Here she waited for UFOs.
        She yearned for aliens to take her off earth to anywhere else. Sigh & lol!

  3. I did that when I was young and in grade school. I had a friend that wanted to leave too, so we drew up plans for a space ship and that’s all we did for a year, or two, during recess and whenever we were together. Made plans to GET OUT OF HERE! LOL I think your mom and I would have gotten along famously. 🙂

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