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  1. That’s scary. A large majority of our people in America do not believe what Trump and his followers are telling us. And we are saying no every day. I must believe that the majority will succeed. We are not a nation of sheep. This is not just politics it’s about the survival of the planet. So many of us are in open rebellion standing proud for all our heritage that most have taken for granted until now. Those who elected Trump to be the president want change. Well they sure got that but at what cost. There seems to be a growing wave of backpedaling. The majority in this country are fearful for the well being of our planet and of man kind. This fear extends to the rest of the world. This protest has only just begun. Most of us never believed that it would be possible for Trump to become President, but here he is residing in the White house. Will we allow him to take us down along with the entire planet?

    • It’s always the same. People just don’t seem to get it. The LIES we are told have a purpose. They are there to throw suspicion on others, in order to get a division between people so that the evil ones can take what they want and manipulate the herd/masses. Works every time. I hope we stop it. We have to shut them down before he gets angry and sets off a bomb. He’s insane and his followers don’t seem to be able to understand, or care, that he is.

      • We are seeing that cabinet possibles are refusing the job. I sure would because I value my sanity and it would be in jeopardy working with Trump. I don’t understand how these people can get up in front of the people and lie for him. But then I am not interested in power and cheating others to win. Makes me sick.

      • It’s truly a terrible thing. Where is the ACLU? Where are the lawyers and the courts?

  2. What an amazing quote, and so relevant too…

    • Yes, there are many quotes like this from Hitler and his henchmen. They never tried to hide what they were doing, just like not my president. The herd are simply expected to do as they are told. Hopefully, that won’t happen AGAIN. The pit us against each other with their lies until they get what they want.

  3. If Trump can use Twitter to spread his lies, the masses can also use social media to mobilise and resist… (The internet wasn’t available to the masses in Nazi Germany, so “opposition” propaganda can’t be controlled/silenced by the president like Hitler did…)

    Are you encouraged by the current strength of the resistance movement?

    I’m a UK citizen and we’re hoping you guys over there can topple this clown and drag the world back from the cliff edge and back to sanity!

    • Thank you for your support. I don’t know what’s going on. We can’t believe that there are no laws in place to stop him from doing what the’s doing. He’s destroying the country and impacting the rest of the world. Supposedly there are law suits being readied. We will do what we can but we want him out and his henchmen with him. Thank you again.

      • No problem! And I can tell you everyone that I know in the UK just can’t believe that such an absurd person is “president”

        All we can do is keep vigilant, challenge the lies and keep spreading the truth – (which is why he is at war against the media!)

        He may not want to be, but they are all (I hope!) ultimately accountable… (after all, Flynn went…)

  4. We can’t wait until he’s gone, believe me. Our country is deeply divided and I don’t know how long it will take, but we won’t stop trying to get them out. Thank you again. Good luck with what you have going on as well.

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