Art and the philosophy of life

Do you believe…

…that being nice
will save the world

…that ignoring things
makes them go away

…that all people
are equal

…that there is no reason
for anyone to go without
food shelter education care

…that America is a great country

…that being accepting
is a good thing

…that we can stop what’s happening
in Washington

…that animal skin should be used
for clothing furniture and all the rest

…that animals should be experimented upon
and eaten

…that anyone is better
than anyone else

…that the rich should be able
to keep everyone else poor

…that we aren’t constantly
being manipulated

…that truth exists
other than on a personal basis

…that men hate women
as a group

…that Native Americans
should take back the land
that was stolen from them

…that men should not be allowed
in government for the next 500 years

…that any man who intentionally
harms a woman or child
should go to jail for 50 years

…that habitat for other species
should be enlarged

…that the rain forest
be protected

…that life without mayo
would be colorless

…that anyone who poaches
should be jailed for life

…that spying on citizens
should be illegal
and carry a prison sentence

…that women should be
able to go out alone
without being afraid

…that rape should carry
a death sentence

…that anyone who bullies another
should not be allowed to own a cell phone
a camera or be allowed to attend public school

…that guns were made for anything
but torture and death

…that pizza and fries
are a great combination

…that walking your talk
is important

…that books
are the best thing ever

…that cats rock

…that some people
cannot be helped

…that we can ever
get along

…that hate is part
of what we are

…that lies are
the new truth

…that trust
is a thing of the past

…that people
will band together
to stop the people
in Washington

…that the word peace
will be removed from
the dictionary

…that brutality will ever end

…that things will get better

…that bubble gum
was a great invention

…that flowers are beautiful

…that ice cream and brownies
can make your day

Comments on: "Do you believe…" (11)

  1. Heartafire said:

    5050…lolol! that bubble gum
    was a great invention

    …that flowers are beautiful

    …that ice cream and brownies
    can make your day

    For sure!!

  2. Life has twisted things so badly, Gigi, I don’t believe anything anymore. I used to be the most trusting person. Now? I have to, I must, find out for myself those things I used to allow others to help me with. Just try doing research on the internet. Yeah. The misinformation and lies and everything else thrown in has your head spinning. It always gets darkest before the dawn!! Hang in there!! (((HUGS))) ❤

  3. Reblogged this on IdealisticRebel's Daily View of Favorites and commented:
    Gigi. I loved this poem. I am reblogging. Hugs, Barbara

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