Quote by: Noam Chomsky


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2 Responses to Quote by: Noam Chomsky

  1. Hi, Gigi. Personally, I don’t know if climate change is a human-made consequence or not. It would appear so, with all the pollutant discharge in the air, water, and soil. But we’ve been lied to by everyone from every angle forever. I have no trust left to give any authority. However, I will say this: If we haven’t screwed up the climate, it would be the only thing.

    • I think the climate is screwed up but I agree it could be for many reasons, or a combination of a few. We know the climate has changed before, without out help, but I do think we are having an impact. On another note…it makes me sick to see how we are polluting our water. Oil spills, hurting the birds and sea life. Poisoning ourselves and everyone else. Air pollution and all the rest. I have to agree with you…trusting any authority figure is almost impossible. It’s easy to believe that everyone is lying for their own benefit and profit.

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