not my president is merely a puppet with strings pulled by Stevie and the rest of the thugs…


by: Yomane

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10 Responses to not my president is merely a puppet with strings pulled by Stevie and the rest of the thugs…

  1. moonmaenad says:

    It’s waaay past time to take this bastard down

    • Couldn’t agree more.

      • moonmaenad says:

        I’ll tell ya what, H&R..I’m trying not to go crazy with anger and outrage but it’s very difficult since every day the insanity continues and no one seems capable of stopping the bastard..NO ONE!!! I want him and his posse dead..I really do!

      • moonmaenad says:

        He’s going to launch a bunch o nuclear warheads soon unless he is removed from office-its gone WAAAY BEYOND MERELY HEALTH CARE!! He is endangering life on the planet!!! Where’s that second coming Christians r always blathering on about???

      • moonmaenad says:

        And I have a friend who when I asked her how she was doing today, replied “life is good..” REALLY? I want to know what planet or galaxy she’s living in cuz it clearly ain’t the same one I am!

      • A lot of people are ignoring what’s going on. People with lives that are not affected by what’s happening often don’t care what happens to others. They don’t care about the poor, uneducated, hungry people. The one’s who live in fear. They just go about their business until someone knocks on THEIR door.

      • I think that is truly a possibility. He’s insane and I don’t know if his henchmen can even stop him if he gets made at someone. He is unstable and needs to be institutionalized in a facility where they can stop him from hurting others.

      • I want to know how there are no laws stopping him from spending all that money keeping his wife in NY. I want to know how he can take vacations and do nothing but evil things without any consequences. I want to know WHY there no stopping points.

      • moonmaenad says:

        Because the republican house and senate are supporting his flaccid dick face, and repressing and investigation…how can anyone betray his own country with an enemy nation with absolutely NO CONSEQUENCES??

  2. Exactly. I’ve noticed that people have stopped talking about the stupid “checks and balances” they said would not allow them to do exactly what they are doing.

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