not my president…hate and violence wrapped up in one package…


Quick collage

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6 Responses to not my president…hate and violence wrapped up in one package…

  1. Resa says:

    trump and his white house are really freaking me out! I am afraid.

  2. He’s stupid and a puppet, his strings pulled by evil people. We should all be afraid. He wouldn’t think twice of bombing anyone, even if it meant extinction because he of such low intelligence that he doesn’t understand anything. He’s very scary and stupid. He thinks we should bring back torture and waterboarding. He’s insane. Doctors have actually come forward and said he is mentally ill.

  3. moonmaenad says:

    Well, if he wants to perpetrate violence on us we must return the more “when they go low, we go high” bullshit..unless we r aiming for their empty heads!!

    • That’s what they want. I don’t think violence will do anything, except get people hurt and jailed AGAIN. (THAT’S STILL GOING TO HAPPEN, OF COURSE). I think we need to take actions like IGNORING HIM. Not accepting the things he does. Not acknowledging that he exists. We have to find a way to stop him from bleeding the country dry with his outrageous spending and fear tactics. We need to be in the streets more and we need to find out why government officials are NOT SHUTTING THEM DOWN.

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