Do you believe…



…that the second you take your first breath
someone somewhere
starts a clock that ticks down the time you have left

…that everyone lives long enough

…that people get what they deserve

…that everything happens for a reason
of which we are unaware

…that sending greeting cards is a good idea

…that accidents happen

…that guardian angels exist

…that our government can be saved

…that government is necessary

…that there’s an honest politician

…that people should toil
their entire lives
to make rich people

…that minimum wage
should be tripled

…that government
workers should get
minimum wage

…that equality

…that freedom

…that chocolate chip
pancakes are

…that we are aliens
who took over this planet

…that everything we know
is a lie

…that some people don’t
understand that everything we believe
was made up by someone

…that artists are dangerous people

…that schools are a propaganda
tool used by the government
to add people to the herd

…that our favorite colors
tell a lot about us

…that you can’t live
without books
and cats

…that love is the answer
to ANY questions

…that men will ever
stop their violence
against women

…that we have already
destroyed ourselves


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5 Responses to Do you believe…

  1. Heartafire says:

    It’s 50-50 on this one! 🙂

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