Shoes…3 pictures and some other stuff



Okay, how fast could you run in these shoes?  If some guy was after you, what do you think your chances of getting away would be? The probability of wearing a tight skirt/dress might also need to be taken into consideration.  Not to mention the weather conditions, or the terrain.  And let’s not forget how often heels BREAK.





These are men’s dress shoes.  How fast do you think they can run?  How comfortable do you think they are?  No tight clothing.  Men are hunters, women are prey.



The sandals have “kitten heels,” which means they are very short.  The shoes, however have absolutely no support and a woman, who was running, might feel her feet slide around and again, would have to take the weather and the terrain into consideration.  His shoes…well, HIS shoes will always be sturdy, tough and able to handle any situation.  He can fight other men, run, climb, escape.  Women cannot.  We have been led to believe that heels are sexy, when all they are is a way to make us weak and easier to catch.

Women are expected to walk on their toes, which shortens the muscles in their calfs and causes all kind of physical problems, not to mention problems with their feet/toes. Men are able to walk normally all the time.  Their clothes are not binding, giving them the freedom to move easily.  The better to fight and hunt in.

Women have been brainwashed into believing that binding their bodies and feet are attractive to men.  What’s attractive is the fact that we are tied up and ready to be picked off.  It’s like walking up to a hungry vampire, pushing your hair to the side, and saying, “Is there something on my neck?”

Crippled feet are not attractive.  Walking on a weird angle, because of heels that are too high, is not attractive.  Being prey, is deadly.

Lots of designers are men.  I don’t see any of them designing clothing that binds mens legs together.  No one is designing high heeled shoes for males either.  Why not?  Why don’t men wear heels?  Their legs would look longer and sexy too, right?  If it makes us look good, why wouldn’t it make them look good as well?  MEN WOULD NEVER DO THAT TO THEMSELVES.  That’s why NO ONE makes high heels for men, because NO man in his right mind would buy them.  THAT SHOULD TELL WOMEN SOMETHING, don’t you think?  But men choose, women are chosen.  Women are expected to do all kinds of things to make themselves attractive to men and that means sucking up the pain and waking on your toes.  Women are expected to make themselves vulnerable, they are expected to put themselves in danger just to get attention.

Think about it.  Look at the GIGANTIC difference in the way we dress.  Something is wrong with this picture.  BRAINWASHING, CONDITIONING, MEDIA.  It’s never been different, long skirts, bustles, hoops, corsets, and on and on it goes.  Women FAINTING and living their lives laying on fainting couches because they were corseted so tightly, they COULDN’T BREATH.  Sometimes our clothing is a form of torture, that women have had to buy into if they didn’t want to starve to death.  Hey, I’m just sayin’.

Post Script:

Because of the number of women who have been chased/attacked and couldn’t run, there are videos showing you how to run in heels, on a treadmill, so that whey you are being attacked, you might have a chance to escape.  How pathetic is that?

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8 Responses to Shoes…3 pictures and some other stuff

  1. King Louie, the Sun King, wore heels, and look what happened to him. Heels are instruments of torture.

  2. When I was younger I did wear heels and dress skirts/suits every day to work. Every day I had to run 3 blocks to catch my connecting bus in to work or I would be an hour late. Yes they were at least 2 to 2 1/2 inch heels. However I was also taught martial arts and self defense which meant I learned to protect myself no matter what I was wearing. My father taught me to box and hand to hand combat because he did not believe that his daughter should ever be vulnerable or prey. I understand your point however. Now as I am much older I wear flat shoes, even my sandals offer support and I still practice my martial arts but no one will box with me anymore.

    • I’m sorry you can’t find anyone who will box with you. I wore the same thing. Today, heels are 4 inches or even more. Of course, not everyone wears those but you see them everywhere, even in discount stores. The point is that men would never wear anything that would make them vulnerable or uncomfortable. Most girls are not taught martial arts, unfortunately. Most girls are taught to be nice and polite. They are taught not to fight. That needs to change. Self-defense should be taught to all girls through schools as well as in outside classes. Thank you for your lovely comment.

  3. Love this one Gigi. I have always worn flat shoes and loose clothing because I wanted to be comfortable above all else. No pain for me for the sake of luring one of the opposite sex. My father taught me to fight when he loaded my purse with some rocks at age 8 so that I had a way to effectively discourage a pack of boys teasing me. I like life my way…..loose and mobile.

    • You had a great father. 🙂 Rocks still work and they are still a great idea.. Comfort and ease of movement is so important. I wore heels (small ones) to work, when I was young, but mostly I wore flats. I like being barefoot. I don’t even own a pair of heels anymore. Some of women’s clothing is dangerous and ridiculous and we are often underdressed in the winter, while men have six layers on. Insane. Below zero in strappy heels, short skirts and bare legs. Men have top coats, suit coats, vests (sometimes) and long pants, socks and regular shoes. How does that make sense?

      • When I was in highshool my mother made my clothes and prom dresses (spike heels dyed to match the dresses) which were beautiful and her main thrust was to attract males to me. After I left home I never wore a corset or heels again. It is crazy. This dress code and behavior is taught even today when mothers, you would think, would not continue this. Perhaps it is in the survival to attract a ‘good’ mate for the sake of the species. After all the rest of the animal kingdom has built-in attractants.

  4. I think it has to do with the fact that women were considered to be things. We couldn’t own property, couldn’t inherit from our families. We were passed from one man to another. Couldn’t vote, couldn’t even keep our own children if a man left and took them. It was legal to beat women. In every country, if a woman wanted to survive, she HAD to have a man take care of her. So women bound their feet, were tortured, had body parts removed, all to please men. Men did nothing to themselves but got to pick and choose. If you didn’t have a man you starved to death. That idea lurks in the background, even today and women can still starve without a man because we are NOT ALLOWED equal pay, or equal rights. Nothing has changed, it’s just hidden better.

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