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Here’s the thing.  I’ve lived in Chicago my entire life.  MY Chicago is very different from the Chicago of some OTHERS, simply because I’m WHITE and was raised on the Northwest side.  I was raised to NOT see the differences in people but to be accepting and open to everyone.  That was great but it blinded me to the different treatment others were forced to endure.  I thought everyone’s life was like mine.  I didn’t know anything about racism, or discrimination, when I was growing up.  I didn’t know people in our neighborhood hated my grandparents because they were Italian.  I didn’t know anything and my friends came from everywhere, so I was uninformed and innocent.  I believed everyone was the same and that everyone was okay.  I didn’t know people were struggling, poor, or sad.  Maybe no one explained those things to kids, I’m not sure.

When I was nineteen, I was working in an office downtown.  I was one, of two white girls. One day, I went out to lunch with about six coworkers and started to walk into a restaurant I liked but I was pulled back.  One of my friends said they couldn’t go in there because the management wouldn’t allow them to eat there.  I was horrified.  I said I would fight for them and started going for  the man at the door,  but they said, “No, you’ll get us into trouble.”  That was my WAKE-UP moment.  I never went back to that place again.  I went where my friends wanted to go.  I wrote to the places I ate, bought shoes, etc., and told them I would never come into their shops again until they let everyone in.  I didn’t know what to do with what I had found out. I still don’t.  We can march and demonstrate, write letters but NOTHING seems to make things better.  Chicago, the place I love,  is a nightmare for so many people.

See, I still hear my mom telling me that no one is different from anyone else.  “We’re all the same,” she said.  “Treat everyone equally, never judge anyone else and never do anything you would be ashamed of.”  Those were my lessons.  She didn’t tell me the bad parts.  She didn’t tell me what to do about the bad parts.  She didn’t know what to do about the bad parts either.

People suffer and die because they are born into certain ethnic groups.  They go without food, housing, medical attention, education, heat and without feeling safe.  The police are the enemy and to be avoided at all costs.  I was talking to a gentleman from Wisconsin, at the library book sale, LAST YEAR, and he said he’d rather be kidnapped by a gang that be stopped by the cops.  He thought about it a bit longer and said they were equally bad but the police would probable kill him just for existing.  When I was younger females had other issues with some of the cops.  I was lucky, some of my friends were not.  At any rate, living in constant terror kills your immune system and ruins your life.  Women live with that kind of fear from all males, all the time.

Racism/discrimination and violence is EVIL.  WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING TO TRANSFORM OUR COUNTRY.

From the moment white men came to this country American was NEVER okay.  NEVER.  That’s just things people want to believe.  Ask the Native Americans about white men and what they did to their country.  The hatred for everyone but white, landed, rich males was there from the the very beginning and I AM SO SICK OF IT!  I’m sick of the lies and the pretending that things were fine at ANY point in our his-story.  The moment the white guys landed the destruction began.  IT’S WHO THEY ARE.  IT’S WHAT THEY DO.  If WE don’t FIGHT BACK then we’re saying it’s okay to continue with this heinous behavior and the destruction will continue until we are gone.

The hatred is out in the open now, so you can SEE IT CLEARLY.  Hatred is in the white house, unless it’s playing golf, or playing with it’s phone, or females, or it’s henchmen, or itself.  You can SEE IT.  You can READ AND HEAR IT.  It’s there for everyone in the world to SEE.  America has hit rock bottom…the thing is…we don’t have to stay there.  It’s time white rich guys get their toys taken away and have a nice long TIME-OUT.

Comments on: "America belongs to ALL OF US and the government needs to LEARN THAT LESSON…" (9)

  1. A time out??? Impeachment and overthrow of their infantile, greedy, ruthless coup d’tat, more like it!!

    • I was treating them like the children they are. I want them gone from the political arena.

      • i don’t know any children this evil, manipulative, hateful, sociopathic and destructive…in fact i know of no other creatures on the planet that r as thoroughly loathsome as the monsters in this administration..

  2. Reblogged this on idealisticrebel and commented:
    The genocide and thievery of male white Europeans formed a stage that racism is still practiced. Hugs, Barbara

  3. Heartafire said:

    It is heartbreaking and infuriating that what progress was made is being abolished by the likes of white supremist Steve Bannon and his puppet Trump and all the sheep following them down the long dark road to hatred. they are using every fascist tactic that we once fought against in Nazi Germany. Yesterday Bannon said it would take courage for them to take “their” country back. That “we” would not go quietly. I hope we do not give up.

    • I agree with everything you said. We can see the terrible things that are happening but I don’t understand why the laws protect them and allow them to continue to destroy this country. Division between people was Hitler’s fist step. That has been accomplished.

      • Heartafire said:

        Our country is divided. Trump and Bannon are the great dividers. Our elected officials and the press are afraid of them.

  4. So pathetic. Fear is stopping MEN from doing what’s right to save the many. Same old, same old.

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