Where our money is going…


The Washington Post

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10 Responses to Where our money is going…

  1. It’s for SECURITY. The guys who PROTECT them. They have to the entire building.

  2. There are laws but they are administered by a congress who is as invested in destroying the country as he is. Perhaps letting your congressman know this is not how you want your tax dollars spent?

  3. Oh no. He’s had their children kicked out of elite schools, destroyed their children’s jobs and lives. Even his niece and nephew are terrified of him. They refuse to talk about him. He goes after entire families. He’s a hateful man. He has people who do what he tells them to do and they make those bad things happen. People want to protect their children and grandchildren, their families, so they stay silent. This isn’t just about loss of a job. He’s not that nice.

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