Sweet Emily…


She’s SOOOOOOO happy because of the wonderful weather, we’re having.  She may not look happy but she is.  She’s frolicking all over the place.  Her coat looks a bit bristly because she’s been rolling in the dirt and having fun.  I cannot impress upon you the awful things we go through living in dimness.  But it’s been spring-like outside and people are TALKING to each other in shops and pretty much everywhere I go.  Everyone is smiling, instead of looking grim and exhausted and I’ve heard BIRDS singing…in FEBRUARY!!!  I feel like I have sparklers inside of me, I’m so excited and lit up with sunlight.  I can’t imagine living in a place where the sun shines all the time, or even a little everyday.  Why do any of us live here in the dark?  Arggg.  Anyway, I was outside playing with Em this morning and took her picture.  I love her so much but I know she doesn’t want to come inside, so I have to accept that we belong to each other under her rules and I’m okay with that.  She’s a good girl and I know she tries not to make me worry, so she comes home on time and she comes out of her house when I call her.  She lets me pet her and we dance together.  No one can ask for more than that.  ❤

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