Quote by: Noam Chomsky


The United States is unusual
among the industrial democracies
in the rigidity of the system
of ideological control -‘indoctrination,’
we might say -exercised through
the mass media.

Noam Chomsky

Source: Brainy Quote

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4 Responses to Quote by: Noam Chomsky

  1. Heartafire says:

    It appears not my prez would love to abolish freedom of the press, start his on media, silence our intelligence, punish whistle blowers. We need our press and freedom of speech, love may they live!

    • How insane is that. A closed community with no truth, just propaganda. It keeps getting worse and worse. He is insane and has destroyed our credibility. No one wants him visiting their country and his visits have been cancelled. Britain doesn’t want him to speak and neither does anyone else, well maybe Russia but other than that…

      • Heartafire says:

        Pence spoke in Munich, he actually sounded somewhat sane, but he doesn’t speak for Trump, only Bannon and a select few determine what Trump will do. I would imagine world leaders consider any promises of alliance by Pence to be non-significant .

  2. I hope they disregard us until we do something about this mess. I didn’t know he spoke. not my president is simply his puppet and he’s not smart enough to know that.

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