Stream of consciousness…

I went to Barnes yesterday and had to stop myself from turning all the magazines with not my president’s face on the cover backward I would like draw on them with magic marker but I doubt the management would approve even if I am a good customer so after picking up a couple magazines and books I went to the checkout line but only one register was open so after waiting and talking to a couple of nice people in line I went to the cafe to pay for my things but saw a DEEP DARK CHOCOLATE cupcake sitting on the shelf above the cheesecake so what choice did I really have I mean it was there I was there and I had the woman nuke it for a few so that it was warm moist and the chocolate frosting was just perfect so I sat at a table to snarf it down and a very serious man sat one table away from me he was wearing glasses and he wasn’t eating or drinking anything but he was looking at papers and there was a woman doing thing on her computer and a couple both drinking coffee and well into their books which was fabulous since the couple that reads together stays together and have an amazing life or so it’s said and then a kid came in dropped his backpack on the floor in a sullen manner and threw himself onto the chair across form the serious man wearing glasses he was questioned and told the guy what classes he was taking but I didn’t want to listen so I had a short but pointed conversation with my cupcake and wrote a few poems then I made a few more stops and came home to see Emily playing in the yard she was chasing a leaf leaping at pebbles and rolling on her back in the dirt having a wonderful time in the springlike weather the weekend is supposed to be beautiful and I want to plant flowers NOW but it’s too early and next week it will be cold again but I can dream so I went out and fed Emily and played with her for a bit then I made lunch/dinner which was good and I’ve been reading like crazy one book after another and it’s so great I did stop at Whole Foods to pick up cereal bread and a slice of pie then I went to Jewel to get cat food blackberry jelly and lettuce I hope you had a nice day as well

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