Pictures and poems from the Valentine’s Day Party…Everyone had a wonderful time


The Poetry Slam was wonderful. Pinky received a standing ovation and many minutes of peeps and chirps.  Here is her poem:


a chicklet’s heart
is filled with love
there’s room for everyone
because all beings are beautiful
and kind
except for humans
who torture and kill us
but our hearts beat
with a different rhythm
one that is in tune
with the Mother Earth
so we are filled with joy
and happiness
because we know
what’s important
we know how to love
we recognize beauty
and our hearts are pure

Billy’s poem was wonderful, as well:


today is all about hearts
chicklets have big hearts
especially for their size
their hearts are  big because
they hold a lot of love

The singing and dancing was loud and filled with chirps.  The girls trio had everyone singing along with them and the dance routines went off without a hitch.  Almost all of the food was eaten and the horses had fun taking the guests to the Rubber Duck Pond. Today is clean up and then who knows what they’ll want to do next.  There’s talk of a WELCOME SPRING Party, so Henry is going to start collecting seeds to plant.  I think it will be wonderful.  🙂


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