Sage, Basil and Feathers are on their way to the Valentine’s Day sleepover.


Everyone is looking forward to the Valentine’s Night sleepover.  The chicklets and their guests are going to watch movies, play games and roast tofu pups over an open fire (with LOTS of heavy supervision).  Marshmallows are still not allowed, ever since the great Marshmallow fiasco where all of the chicklets had the fluffy white stuff stuck to their feathers.  The party has begun and the chicklets are peeping love songs.  Some dancing is taking place and Carl brought his drums, so things are getting loud.  The chicklets will take turns entertaining the few remaining guest who are still in the healing rooms.  The Warming Bunnies are still doing their jobs and some of the chicklets have already put on a short skit and now they are reading Peter Rabbit to the piglets.  The horses and goats are are giving rides to anyone who wants to see the Rubber Duck Pond at night.  The dogs are herding the tiny lambs and piglets, so that no one wanders away.  Inside, Vera, the dancing possum, is doing her thing and the applause can be heard loud and clear.  Everyone is having a wonderful time and tomorrow will be a full day of fun.

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