Sky and Lacy…


Sky and his little sister Lacy are on their way to a pre-Valentine’s Day breakfast.  The pancakes will be in the shape of a heart and there will be lots of treats and much chirping.  Songs will be sung and stories will be told.  Love will be the main topic and the chicklets will tell of their love for each other, for their friends and for the earth.  The countdown has begun and Valentine’s Day is almost here.  Everything, except for last minuted touches, is ready for the big day and now it’s time to play.

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7 Responses to Sky and Lacy…

  1. AM Roselli says:

    always a smile your water color dancers bring to my heart – always
    thank you

  2. misifusa says:

    Beautiful! Wish I were there at the party!

  3. Thank you so much for those very kind words.

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