What we are living through, right now, is a defining moment in time…

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10 Responses to What we are living through, right now, is a defining moment in time…

  1. Resa says:

    Did you make the ..collage? I love it!

  2. omtatjuan3 says:

    He’s another man who wants to relocate a people and the uneducated masses love it….

  3. I had just come from reading excerpts from some great visionaries….Rilke, Emerson, Carson and on, on and on. When I saw your words ‘defining moment’…..well that so resonated with me. I do believe that this current energy in the USA and the world is defining. One never really knows until we look back, but defining is what it feels like. Love this cat.

    • We can only tell what happened by looking back, you’re so right about that. We just have to get through it. And I do believe this is a defining moment…what happens next will show us what we are and maybe we need to see that. It’s time to get rid of hate, racism, sexism and all the rest. Perhaps we can make the world a better place because we can see the ugliness and insanity so CLEARLY. I certainly hope so. I don’t think his administration will make it for four years.

      • I too can’t imagine this continuing in light of all this chaos present with this government. It seems to me that D’s energy has entered and is reflected by those who have teamed with him. For me that is the scariest part because the ‘pack’ seems to be infected by dementia also.

  4. I agree and they are fanatics who would do anything to make their agenda of hate a reality. I think they have pretty much declared war on the American people. I hope it doesn’t come to that but I wouldn’t be surprised.

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