Okay, so…

I want to BE John Wick, James Bond, Harry Dresden (the Dresden Files), Walker (from the Nightside).  I want to be the Godfather and Triple XXX and Dom, from Fast and Furious and Sandman Slim.  I want to be Constantine (Reeves).  I want to be so bloody bad that no one will even think of coming at me.  I’d like to do it while being female, naturally, but I want to BE THEM.  I mean, come on, who wouldn’t want to be them?  If I had to pick one, it would be Wick.  Dom’s (F&F) tough and has family and a great crew, but being a loner, like Wick, is okay too, then no one can grab someone you love and hold them hostage.

The trailer for the upcoming Fast andFurious is out and Dom goes rogue.  Well, you know he doesn’t REALLY  go rouge but that’s the hook with this one, I guess.  He’s all about family and would never turn on any of them…so you know he’s doing something big to protect them.

I also want to live on the Enterprise but that’s another story altogether.

I relate to rule breakers.  I do think that’s what rules are for…to be broken.  I knew that as soon as I took my first baby step.  Wonder Woman is coming out soon and I’m looking forward to that but Wick has a wee nest in my heart.  He’s bad and I’m so incredibly sick of the violence women have to put up with in films.   If I were him…I’d have lots and lots of fun with the bad guys.  But then, if I were him, I’d just triple tap them and get on with it because there would be so many to put down.  A girl can dream, can’t she?  Sick of films where women are kidnapped, held hostage, tortured, murdered and all that garbage.  I’m SICK of men having power over women.  So when Wick kills all the guys, that’s fine with me.  The bodies pile up and I don’t have a problem with that.

Dresden keeps the otherworld bad guys from coming into our world from the NeverNever , although there’s one in the white house now, so obviously one slipped passed him. Walker, in Nightside, just has to use his voice and that’s it.  Lilith is tough and they are all terrified of her.  Yay for Lilith (Nightside). Also from Nightside is Shotgun Suzie.  She is SO bad.  She would take on any of these guys and probably win.  Dead Boy and Razor Eddie are also wonderful and from Nightside.  Then there’s Bond, well, he good but he’s definitely more human and British about the whole thing.  Still, he gets even and gets the bad guys, so again…Yay.  Dom, a man of few words, is cool, loves fast cars, but who doesn’t?   He also has people he can count on.  Finally, Sandman is soooooo tough.  I mean he lived in Hell, and fought in the arena, so you can only imagine.  If you can’t imagine, I strongly suggest that you read the series.  It’s great.

I never went for guys in capes.

Oh, the trailer for Logan looks cool.  The little girl in it is ferocious and pretty much tears guys to shreds.  Love it.  She’s wild and fabulous.

Think I’ll watch Constantine tonight to keep the whole Reeves thing going.  So have fun and enjoy the movies and books I’ve mentioned, unless you’re more into dramas and things.  Then I have no advice at all.  Well, I do, actually, GRANDMA, PEACE LOVE AND MISUNDERSTAND.  But I’ll stop there.  I love both of those.

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10 Responses to Okay, so…

  1. I love this post! I agree with you entirely that it’s so freaking annoying that girls are constantly victimized and attacked in movies to further the agenda of the hero and the villain. Rawwwr, I’m honestly so tired of this plot device. Sigh. Hopefully, they’ll find a way around this nonsense. Fast.

    • Thank you so much. Yes, I’m so sick of it. I don’t watch moved that are like that I don’t like books like that either. Those things are real life and terrifying, we certainly don’t have to glamorize it. We need strict laws to STOP it. Sara Connor, in Terminator was tough:) You’re right, they need to get over that horrible plot device and empower women. Thank you again.

  2. We had Reeves on one of our chat shows this eve. Can’t believe he’s 52 already!

  3. I think he is. He adores his sister and he seems so sweet and considerate. It’s funny, but he’s so violent in a lot of his movies but he NEVER raises his voice and he’s not flashy either. He just does what he has to do and gets on with it.

  4. em4mighty says:

    i always realized this about myself. i would “fall in love” with a male (or female) character–and then realize i actually wanted to BE that character–rather than be with them.

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