Fishsurfing…a very short story



It was a warm and sunny day.  Burt looked to the sky and saw that the fish were flying, so he packed up his gear and headed to the ocean.  Roping fish, was never an easy thing to do, but the ride was worth the time and effort.

At the water’s edge, Burt saw K6  hovering above him. He had surfed with her before. In fact, K6 often flipped her tail when she saw him, as if to say hello. It was unusual for a Fishsurfer to make friends with a fish, since the fish were carnivores and the only reason they were flying was because they were hungry.   One fall and a surfer was fair game.  In-other-words, the surfer was fish food,.

Fishsurfing was fun but for Burt, never knowing if it was his last day on the planet, made it all the more exciting.  So he took out his ropes and threw them over K6. She fluttered her fins, as Burt stepped onto his board and smiled, at what might be his very last ride.

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