Attack on Liberty…Street art and Okay, so…America is no longer opening doors and building bridges…it’s closing it’s borders and building WALLS



I watched a video of a  crowd being detained at one of the airports. Protesters, yelling and holding up signs, were  trying to help the people, as government workers held a large group of in-coming people at bay.  A man, who was being held back, kept saying, “America, the land of Freedom,” his eyes were filled with tears.  He held up his arm and said it again and again.  A woman, who may have been his wife, stood next to him. Looking at them I was horrified and disgusted at what this country has become.

A thousand years ago, when I was in first grade, I learned that America was called the, “Melting Pot.” I was happy that I lived in a country where everyone was welcome.  I was happy knowing that if people were afraid, they could come here, because America, and Chicago, would protect them and keep them safe.  Childish thoughts, for sure but they meant something to me and I never lost that feeing.

I grew up with a large mixture of nationalities in my neighborhood.  As kids, we didn’t care about nationality, or religion.  We played in alleys, on streets, in parks, backyards, vacant lots, and on the back/front porch stairs. Girls played baseball as well as the boys did and no one thought anything about that either.

Now I’ve lived long enough to see my country rot from the inside.  Like a corpse, with icky worms (government officials) coming out of her putrified underbelly.  I feel like apologizing to the entire world for what we have become and for the fact that we have allowed hate and greed to destroy what was once a strong and beautiful country, a country that stood for freedom and goodness.

In case no one has noticed, the real terrorists are in Washington.  Government terrorists are THREATENING American citizens.  They shot at peaceful Native Americans’ at Standing Rock.  Used water cannons on them.  OUR GOVERNMENT DID THAT TO IT’S OWN PEOPLE!   The American government is a threat to the planet, (environment). The destruction our government is  causing, not only to our own country and citizens, but to the rest of the world, is inexcusable and pathetic.

Now we, AS AMERICANS, know exactly what it’s like when terrible people in other countries give the rest of the people who live there, a bad name.  I want to say, “But we aren’t ALL LIKE THE PEOPLE IN GOVERNMENT AND THEIR FOLLOWERS.” Because let’s face it, it has come to that.   It truly is, us vs them.

Maybe we should ask Native Americans’ what they think about foreigners and deportation.  If they wanted to deport foreigners from THEIR country, we would all be gone, which would be very good for every living thing left behind.  I suppose I would be expected to go to Italy, or Sweden, but why would either one of those countries want an American?   Why would any country want any of us, especially now that our dollar is worth so little and there’s NO gold to back it up?

AMERICA IS VIOLENT.  We start illegal wars for oil, for art, for greed and for power. We KILL FOR THOSE THINGS and yet we talk about terrorism?  Think SCALE!  WE DESTROY OTHER GOVERNMENTS, COUNTRIES AND PEOPLE and don’t think twice about it.  We destroy our own children and loved ones, for profit.  Profit for the rich.

Well, here we are…divided, and you know where that leads, right?   We have already fallen. I’m just hoping that we can get up again.  I’m thrilled to see all the people in the streets fighting back.  That’s my side…the side where people fight against tyranny and hatred. I know exactly where I stand.  What about you?


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2 Responses to Attack on Liberty…Street art and Okay, so…America is no longer opening doors and building bridges…it’s closing it’s borders and building WALLS

  1. Aishwarya says:

    That was a powerful article! And I’m sure you are being heard by millions around the world.
    What stood out to me is when you said they’d want you to go to Sweden or Italy but who’d want an American! It’s funny the world we live in these days, identity crisis is at its zenith. We would love to think we live in an accepting world and that we are citizens of wherever but we move so many places in life these days that it’s difficult to remember who we really are and who the world thinks us to be can be completely different from who we think we are…
    I don’t know if that sounded coherent enough but I’m often debating with myself about this issue with identity crisis and wondering what its consequences are.

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