Okay, so…

I’ve been listening to an economist and I talked to one or two people in stores, today.  A woman told me that she found out that the ban on entering the country was a trial run. She said that “not  my president,” and his henchmen, are trying things to see what the Supreme Court does, so they can find out which laws will stop them and how to get around them, or do other things.   So basically they are practicing.

I watched some truly terrible predictions by an economist who has always been right.  I’m sick about what’s coming and I don’t doubt that the guy knows what he’s talking about. He made 1984 sound like a Utopian world.  He said the average American is not educated to understand economics and that the government counts on that.  He predicts ZERO privacy and the end of cash.  We will be totally controlled by the government and they will issue coins on our phones (until the chips go into our bodies), so they can not only know what we buy but who we buy it from. He also said that if there’s something they don’t want us to have, the chips will not work and there’s no way anyone else can buy it for you because you can’t pay anyone back.  He said terrible and dire things are coming, not in the far future but NOW.  These things have been written about and are ready to be sprung on us but they have not been front page stories so most haven’t seen articles. Other governments are working on similar things.  Our government will have total and complete control over every single thing we do.  Seriously, it’s too terrible a future to contemplate. We will be the drudges to the rich.  They will do whatever it takes to make this a reality.  I would tell you other things I saw, but I’m worn out. He said things began to fall apart as soon as the Federal Reserve was started in 1950.

One thing we can do is follow California and breakaway from the United States.  A few states are preparing to do that.  I hope Illinois is one of them.  The other thing we can do is rise up as one and fight back.  Lots of people will die, I imagine, but it’s just one more option to try and save ourselves from becoming puppets and morons. We are prisoners of the government and if you think I’m overreacting you aren’t paying attention.  Do research.  Look thing up.  Our lives are going to be worse than the Science Fiction films that you’ve seen over the past few years.  Mockingjay, where are you now?

I can’t even stand to think about the future for our kids.  I hope my grandchildren never have children.  I can’t begin to tell you how much I hope they don’t have kids.  We are going into a nightmare from which we may never wake.  No one can sit back and  pretend to be safe.  Not possible.  Things are far worse than you think.

Have a nice night.

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14 Responses to Okay, so…

  1. maggie0019 says:

    Stores with their “loyalty” or “preferred customer” cards are already collecting information about what items we purchase. Everything we do is recorded on camera somewhere. 1984 was just the beginning. shudder

  2. Angie says:

    I was talking to someone today who is hoping he will be impeached and banished from the country, but I’ve been telling people for years they should at least read a synopsis of “The rise and fall of the Roman Empire”. That took a lot longer than the rise and fall of the American dream, but I’ve been watching it happen since the Kennedy era. I hate it, but as long as greed is the god of choice we are doomed to the fate of that god. My friend is talking about immigrating, but there is not another country in the world that will accept Americans now. It is going to take a much higher power than the god of greed to save this country, and I’m extremely glad I am 74 years old now and hopefully won’t live to see it completed. Unfortunately I already have great grandchildren, but i hope they will be the only ones!

    • Oh, I’m so worried that my grandchildren will have children. I don’t want them to have them because the world is going to be such a terrible place. The biggest fear…they WON’T KNOW the world is such a terrible place because they will be conditioned and brainwashed to believe they are slaves for the rich. Terrifying. I agree, I don’t want to see it either.

  3. omtatjuan3 says:

    Come here to The Firewood Temple! You will be safe here and Toonce’s spirit will watch over us.

  4. amommasview says:

    If only there would be a way out of this… I’m sure that everyone who voted will have a very sudden wake up too…

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