A program offered by my library!!!! How incredible is it that we are lied to so often that we need to learn how to find the truth among the lies?

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  1. moonmaenad says:

    Thanks H&R for posting!!!!

    • So insane. I hope you are still planning on pulling out of the states. I want IL to follow.

      • moonmaenad says:

        There r other states talking about uniting and becoming Canadian provinces..women at the women’s march said many in California want to do the same!! I love that idea🤠👍🏽

      • What a great idea!!!! I love that. Maybe many of us can become part of Canada and let the tiny red state people live in DC alone. I would vote for that in a heartbeat. I hope Canada wold be willing to have us. At this point, I’m not sure they would.

      • moonmaenad says:

        yeh…that’s a lotta people to absorb, people basically refugees in their own country..but as a province u r not as intimately tied to the govt. and that would be a lotta tax income for canada

      • moonmaenad says:

        if california alone seceded it would severely damage the US economy…and that’s a necessary point of our resistance…break the govt’s back by reducing its income

      • We all have to stand up to that idiot. We can’t give into him. It’s a dangerous situation, because he’s insane, but the alternative is unacceptable.

      • moonmaenad says:

        exactly right..tbh, i’m eager to face these fuckers head on!!!

      • I understand that feeling. I was like that for years…always ready to fight and hit the streets. I’m still ready, but I’m sick of fighting for the same things over and over and over again. Still, this is going to be messy. I agree. I do believe people will end up in jail, and not just overnight. I also believe that he will have some of us killed. I’m with you, we have to do what we have to do. Think about the Democratic Convention in Chicago, all those years ago. The cops hit people in the HEAD, for a reason. I don’t know how many people were hurt for the rest of their lives. The brutality that’s coming will be enormous. It’s always shocking to me that our own people, the ones who are supposed to PROTECT us, are willing to beat and kill us. How does that make sense. Do you think ANY of them stop and think, “Hm, maybe I shouldn’t be beating or shooting people who are just trying to exercise their Constitutional rights? Yeah, me neither.

      • moonmaenad says:

        it’s only proof of what we’ve always known…it is an autocracy/oligarchy not a republic nor a democracy…BUT we have the perfect catalyst (trump) to bring the people, u and me and many millions of others, together to turn the tide…this is waaay more huge a revolt than the 60’s and encompasses so many more demographic groups than ever before, we will not back down and we will not let this bastard off the hook..we will win this..i refuse to believe otherwise!!!

      • I agree. Biggest divide since the civil war. Well, bigger, actually, since times have changed. The outcome will have ramifications for decades to come, that’s for sure. America will never be the same and I’m hoping that will be a very good thing. This is the catalyst that may turn things around and show the hatred for what it is.

      • moonmaenad says:

        keep in contact with other revolutionaries..like me😉we will see each other thru this chaos and tyranny and look back on this knowing we fought the very good fight!

      • A lot of the revolutionaries I hung around with have disappeared. Sigh. Still looking. The new ones, while, excited and willing to fight, haven’t been through this before and make rookie mistakes. But they are ready to battle and that’s what matters. This is a different kind of fight. I love that he’s freaking out because stores are no longer willing to sell his daughter’s garbage. LOLOL His stuff as well, of course. I love that. Nordstrom’s stopped so we have to call and write to them and shop there, naturally. They said it wasn’t because of the boycott’s, but because her things weren’t selling but I don’t think so. The boycott’s are putting a lot of pressure on stores and he is so furious. He asked “his people,” to boycott the stores that DIDN’T sell his line. He wants to be seen and by taking his toys away, he as hissy fits.

      • moonmaenad says:

        His supporters can’t afford to shop in Nordstrom s in the first place..so who the fuck cares-they’re a non-issue..

      • It’s a personal issue for him. That’s why he’s so pissed off.

      • I agree. I hope they’re open to it. I’m not sure how they feel about us. We are a violent bunch and a lot of people don’t want us around. Perhaps this will be different.

      • moonmaenad says:

        if we’re bringing tax money they’ll likely accept us with open arms

      • I hope so. Seems like a good thing, but I don’t know that much about Canada. I have heard that they aren’t exactly fond of us. I’ve never been there, but they took in the guys during Viet Nam, so they have to be good people with generous hearts.

      • moonmaenad says:

        i think they sympathize with our predicament…and i doubt they’d turn us away…but don’t sell ur home just yet..unless u want to move to california..i’d love to have u here😻❤️

      • LOL Not going to sell the house. But it’s nice to know there are friends willing to take in those who may need shelter. We are willing to do so as well. We have to see how things play out. Thank you again. I think you’re right about Canada.

      • moonmaenad says:

        I know I’m right😉🤠👍🏽so hold on..we’re in for a bumpy ride but we r here fighting injustice together..I’ve never felt more an American than I do today..we all have rights and we will protect our rights..period!! The young protesters will surpass us in what they will do..I have faith they actually understand this equally if not better than we did..so keep ur faith..we r a huuuuge family!!

      • We are a force, that’s for sure. And we need new people to bring new ideas and fresh outlooks into the battle. So, we just have to keep going and take back our country.

      • moonmaenad says:

        And please H&R…take a couple days off..no news, no internet, just commune with nature and be freeeee..and breathe..I’m going on a looooong ass hike tomorrow and avoid all this as much as I can…it’s gonna be a long siege and we gotta pace ourselves, on?? Take care of urself, and be kind to urself…

      • moonmaenad says:

        be calm, and have faith…and know we are far from defeat!!

      • We’ve just begun to fight, as the old saying goes.

      • moonmaenad says:

        and i think they know most of us aren’t violent unless we r pushed very hard

      • We have a terrible rep. Some of it deserved. A lot of it deserved, actually. But those who are violent will stay here and follow the hate and violence. Those who aren’t like that will want to leave.

      • moonmaenad says:

        Exactly..Canadians know what a quandary we r trapped in..they hate trump too, after all..so keep the faith..we have just begun to fight!!!

      • True, he’s hated by pretty much everyone except Putin and I think he thinks he’s a joke.

    • If you pull out, other states will follow. We are all waiting to see what you come up with. Either that or lots of us will be coming to CA to live. I refuse to be a slave to the government.

  2. They should be telling how to distinguish an opinion from a fact, too.

  3. moonmaenad says:


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