Sorry, but things are going to get a LOT worse for the average person…



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6 Responses to Sorry, but things are going to get a LOT worse for the average person…

  1. Heartafire says:

    There.s a big shock coming for the elderly , many who helped elect this man … Code words such as reassemble SS. And Medicare means cut backs or effort s to privatize the very lifeline that they rely on . Women prepare to be second class citizens at the mercy of this mindset that we should shut up , the alienation of our allies will leave us isolated. It’s so disturbing, rash threats with no real plan or thought behind them. Less than a month in office and this man has shaken the world eitj no resistance from our representatives. people in the streets protesting , we must stop until he and his thugs are stopped.

  2. I keep hoping we’re wrong. That somehow, despite our interpretation of history, facts and the Donald’s deplorable personality, and his followers’ willingness to accept lies and ignore what he’s doing to our Constitution, that it won’t get worse for the average, the elderly, the poor, and minorities.

    But man, there’s an avalanche coming down the mountain that’s telling me otherwise.

    • We aren’t wrong. The future is terrifying. Truthfully, we are moving into science fiction and the end of civilization as we know it. After the stuff I watched today, I’m ready to check out other planets and hope for the best.

      • There’s the sci-fi novel to write: “Checking Out to Other Worlds”. It’s about a dying billionaire who decides to launch a generation ship of hopeful humans to somewhere else in the hopes that humanity will survive the Trump disaster. Here’s the best part; he first hatched the plan during the Bush administration, so design and construction (in a secret location in Africa) has been going on for a decade.

  3. Please tell me when you publish, so I can buy a copy! I love it.

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